Wedding Review - Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot by Versari Ade & Invogue Photography

We had engaged Versari Ade & Invogue Photography not only for actual day bridal & photography but also pre-wedding photo shoot. I believe these are completely different scenarios that ought to share separately.

If you follow closely, I actually had wrote about the behind-the-scenes bridal photo shoot. I was quite thorough on what happened on that day so click and read if you haven't. That post was bridal comment heavy for obvious reasons and it was only after I got our wedding photos I could really comment on Mr Lim's work.

Just a quick summary of Abg Hadi's Versari Ade's workmanship. Superb. In my opinion, his make up skills were to the T. I told him I trusted his work and let him do whatever he wants with his knowledge on what would fit me. He did, with wonders. He was friendly, nice and knows how to read the vibes of the client (me). I like story-mory and he is a man of many stories which I love but also knows to do his work silently.

Clothes were plentiful to choose from Arabian, Traditional/ Modern Chinese, Traditional/ Modern Indonesian, Traditional/ Modern Malay, Indian and of course western outfits. This is one of the reasons I love Versari Ade. I can have my old-skool photo shoot. People from the 80s and below will understand. =P

Now to the photography part.

Mr Lim from Invogue Photography (Versari Ade's in-house photographer), is a soft-spoken man who likes to make little jokes here and there. His natural demeanor makes couples like us feel not so shy especially in a setting in a studio where's it's just us.

After selecting photos for edit, it takes Mr Lim about 3 months to not only edit but also print 1 8R & 1 20x24 canvas and frame it all up. Unfortunately, the framing was slightly delayed for collection but we still managed to collect our photos 2 days before our wedding. Phew!

Like I said, the photo shoot we went for is not the trendy, picnic-artsy-vintage-dreamy type because we like it this way. We can always achieve the other types of photo shoot on any other day. Enough typing, here are some of the photos we had taken.

Traditional Songket which was a crowd favorite, even the Pinoys.

Traditional Indonesian outfit for my Javanese blood. I just love the head gear.

Cheongsam for obvious reasons.

Obligatory western outfit for our outdoor photo shoot.

We had to select 20 photos for our photo album but we also managed to choose more for personal copies. We could take all lah but it's excessive in terms of cash. In the end, we chose 41 more that Mr Lim also did some minor edit. 

We set up our big canvas framed picture at our guest book table (unlike the conventional near the pelamin on an easel because we didn't want to get one). I wanted more of a landscape picture than a full picture of us full blown because I am self-conscious and having a huge picture of my face is overwhelming. haha


And our table top picture frame at the berkat table.

We didn't showcase our photo album for the public unless requested.

So yeah, that's it.

We were so satisfied with our pre-wedding photo shoot from the beginning to the end. No regrets. No doubt, it was one of the items that was considered a want, not a need but it was something we both really wanted. It was so worth it in our opinion.

Versari Ade & Invogue Photography


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