Things You Should Know After Your Wedding

Your entire wedding event is finally over! But the curtains on the stage are not exactly closing yet. Here are the things you and your groom will be facing.

❣ Exhaustion
You will underestimate how tired you will be after the wedding. Although with a glance, the bride and groom job’s is just to look good, smile, take photos and engage with everyone. But that is not considering how tiring it is to change clothes, deal with the humid weather just dealing with the entire event although a happy one, can take a lot of energy.

❣ Hunger
Whenever caught in a moment, it’s easy to forget about food or even if you are hungry, you barely have time to really eat and enjoy your food. As soon as you change your clothes and take a little break, get ready for those hunger pangs. Let’s just hope there are enough food leftovers to truly enjoy.

❣ Make-up Removal
Brides, at the end of the day and it’s time to remove all that beautiful make-up, be prepared to use quite a number of make-up removal wipes depending on the brand you use. I use Biore Make up wipes (not sponsored ah, lol) and managed to use only 3 to clean my heavily thick made up face. Even after removal with the wipes, make sure you wash with a cleanser, use a toner and moisturize. Your skin on your face has been worked on hard so make sure you take extra care of it.

❣ Hair Washing
Ladies, be prepared to wash and condition that hair several times to remove all that gunk from the hairspray. It takes plenty of work to make that hair perfect and plenty of work to clean it too. Of course, this varies on each bridal. Some may spray like nobody's business while other use as when needed like Versari Ade. Lucky for me, 1 round of hair washing was enough.

❣ Complains & Rants
When you are on the pelamin, all you mostly see are the happy times and rarely the behind the scenes. After the event and as you settle down with your family and relatives, you may start to hear certain drama that might happen throughout the day. Take it with a pinch of salt. No wedding is perfect, there would be hiccups or drama here and there. The important thing is that you had a good time and it’s over.

❣ The Clean Up
This mostly applies to void deck weddings or at home solemnizations. Just because you are the bride and groom, that does not mean you are free from clean up duties after the wedding. Your room would be a mess, wedding gifts to be cleared up and food/ berkat leftovers from the wedding to be kept. At this point, it's always great to have family and/or friends to help to lighten the load.

❣ Plenty of Chit-Chat & Reminiscing
During clean up and/or during resting and sometimes even the next day, there will be plenty of reminiscing of your big day. With so many eyes and ears, it's nice to listen from other people's perspective of your wedding. If everything went well, it's all giggles and laughter if it doesn't, it's okay. Acknowledge, forgive and move on. All that matters was that you are married and cherish the positive and wonderful memories.

It's Not Really Over
You would think after your wedding, there's nothing much to do but just relax, prepare for your honeymoon and marital bliss. NOPE. If you rent any items like hantaran trays, easel or anything else, you have to return them as soon as possible. If you didn't manage to do a proper clean up the night before, you have to continue cleaning.

Even after your honeymoon, you might have extra errands such as if you are an international couple, you have to register your marriage at the appropriate embassy. Sometimes, some families expect the newly married couple to visit immediate families or have a gathering as a formal thank you.

So basically, just be prepared for more life adventures in your new chapter of life. The roller coaster ride is just starting. 


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