Nadia Aqilah's Cukur Rambut

Back-to-the-past post:
I have about 4 of such posts so bear with me while I randomly selit them here and there.
This occasion was on 22 March 2016.

I was informed that the flowers was plucked downstairs at the nearby bushes... haha shhh...

Sleeping Nadya with her nenek.

Mak, Kakak and I.
Refer to signature apple cheeks.

Technically, Mak, Jhon and I arrived late. It was because Mak was assigned to do roti kirai (without the curry). The ceremony starts at 10am; we live in Eunos and the location is at Woodlands. So you do the Math on what time we had to wake up and kirai? Nadya punya pasal tau! Mak and I had to take shifts to kirai a bucket load of kirai.

All for you Nadya!
She looks so different with the eyeliner that her auntie put on. Her eyes looked humongous! I wouldn't even have the guts to put eyeliner on a baby. I still stab myself in the eye once in a while.

Jhon testing 1, 2, 3...

One of our favorite uncle and auntie from my maternal side. Maybe that's why takes too many photos of them. lol

The bro buat hal sendiri.

Irfan's favorite uncle.

Seriously, unrecognizable with eye make up.

Alhamdulillah, the ceremony went well and smooth sailing.


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