(Bourjois) Anti-Fatigue Foundation & Concealer?!?

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What is better than a flawless coverage while applying make-up?
A vitamin infused make-up product that that erases all signs of fatigue for a
fresh and healthy-looking complexion.

Introducing, Bourjois Healthy Mix Anti-Fatigue Foundation and Concealer!

Both foundation and concealer contains 3 types of vitamins to aid our skin towards a healthy-looking skin such as

Vitamin C - Anti-Fatigue Effect (for a fresher & rested look)
Vitamin E - Anti-Oxidant (for a natural & luminous skin)
Vitamin B5 - Revitalizing Action (to reveal the radiance within)

Featuring, my nude face for your inspection but don't zoom so close ah?
For someone turning 33, I think my skin is pretty okay. I barely have wrinkles or excessive blemishes besides the standard discoloration, dark eye rings, black heads, redness around the nose, random pimples or blemish. On top of that, I have fine varicose veins on my cheeks (something I had since young).

I had the Bourjois Healthy Mix Anti-Fatigue Foundation in shade Beige (54).
To be honest, I don't always wear foundations. When I do, it's only for special occasions where I need to look more dolled up with long lasting coverage.

Bourjois's Foundations promises long-lasting, medium coverage up to 16 hours and it is semi-Matte, ultra-lightweight which provides a delightful, bare-skin sensation. It provides all day 24 hours hydration for maximum comfort throughout the day and gives 70% more radiance for a natural healthy-looking glow.

I am a big fan of matte make-up because my skin does get really oily. One pump of the foundation was actually more than enough to cover my face and neck and I love that it's lightweight so I don't feel like I have a thick layer of make-up on. The foundation clearly evens out all the discoloration on my face and even some blemishes. If you like light-weight, natural looking make-up like me, this the foundation to go to.

On top of the foundation, I applied Bourjois Healthy Mix Anti-Fatigue Concealer in Medium shade on top of their foundation as that's the usual make-up sequence I normal do. On ordinary days, I just put on concealer and a cake powder/foundation for my base.

Bourjois' concealer has light-reflecting pigments for immediate radiance and undetectable finish. It also has spherical powders to blur and smooth your skin for a silky finish.

By the time I applied my concealer, the foundation has set, that's why a slight difference in tone and since the foundation itself had given me enough coverage, I didn't need much help in the concealer. This means my expectations for the concealer is quite high since I am expecting like real smooth coverage. Unfortunately, I am not a big fan of their concealer. It was really 'meh' for me, at least for my skin.

[Yes, I am very aware, my pictures are like real estate/ ID shots. hahaha]

Just to have a completed look, I finished my look with my everyday make-up by setting with powder, did my eyebrows along with eyeliner, mascara, blusher and lipstick on. I actually accidentally took a nap and went out for a dinner date afterwards. As I mentioned before, I have oily skin but it does not seem obvious and even after an oil-blotting session, my make-up still holds which I appreciate because I don't have to do any touch up.

There are plenty of shades to choose from and you can get your hands on both the Bourjois' foundation and concealer at S$29.90 and S$17.50 respectively at major Watsons and departmental stores.

For more info, check out Bourjois' Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/BourjoisSG/
and SampleStore.com for more reviews http://bit.ly/2mgYzhB


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