Wedding Review: Pulut Affairs

Since day one, I knew what kind of wedding cake I wanted.

I wanted a pulut wedding cake.

I had no idea where to source one and if you had read an old post, Jhon and I were so lucky to come across Pulut Affairs at a wedding expo. I already had a rough budget of how much I was willing to pay for the cake so when I saw their display and that the cost matched, I booked immediately.

I didn't taste their food, I didn't even do a background check.
To be honest, it's the only vendor I jumped the gun only because my instincts believed in them. (please do not do this if your gut instincts are 99.999% always correct)

1 month before the wedding, Kak Lynn and I discussed about the final payment, procedures and color concept. Since my theme was gold, I want accent pieces to be of my favourite color, dark red.

What I like about her service was that not only they set up with knives and all, they also dismantle by themselves without us worrying about returning their stuff the following day. If everything is in order, they will give the refundable deposit. Kalau lupa, ingatkan eh? hehe

As for taste wise, no kidding, POWER GEDEMAK!

Their rendang is sedap gila lah. Those who had tried, wanted to tapao more while those who only tried after they went home were asking who was the vendor.

Alhamdulillah. I also got to try by the end of the day and memang tak cukup.

Like I mentioned in the previous post, I love the height of the cakes. It's not too short and not too tall. It's just nice so people can see the pulut and see our outfits.

I would highly recommend Pulut Affairs to anyone who wants pulut for any occasions. They do engagements, birthdays or any celebrations that could call for it!

Pulut Affairs


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