Wedding DIY: Bunga Pahar, Henna, Bunga Rampai, Sireh lat-lat, Guestbook, Tepung Tawar & Directional Signs

I'm squeezing all my wedding DIY in one post because I've more or less wrote about them previously and this is just a final summary and outcome of the items.

Bunga Pahar

Jhon and I were mighty busy during the 2 days before our big day because Jhon's parents were in Singapore. We were out and about looking and shopping for wedding related stuff with them, mainly outfits. So we were grateful to know suddenly Kakak WhatsApp messaged me a picture of these.
Kakak and Mak had boiled, dyed and place the eggs into the bunga pahar egg holders. Mak had use these red dyes she bought at a Tradional Chinese Medicine (TCM) shop. Eggs might be a little blotchy but after you cover them, you can't see them anyways. Our bunga pahar holder has seen it's days so unfortunately, the foam inside has worn off. With the weight of the eggs, the flowers drooped down a little. But no deal, because it looks decent enough.

After the henna tests we had, Mak and I were set on the henna recipe we wanted. Which was henna powder, calamansi juice and a little bit of the tube henna for a touch of redness. But on the day I wanted to buy henna powder at Pasar Geylang, the kakak advised me to use Gambir for natural redness. It was last minute but I bought it anyways because it was cheap.

On Thursday night, Mak helped prepare the henna with gambir in replacement of the tube henna. As expected, the stain was fast and more reddish as Mak got her fingers tainted while mixing.

Our henna ceremony is called inai curi called by the older folks. It's like a secretive henna ceremony because it was held 2 days before the big day and it's just within the family. Jhon's family was around but his mom was tired so I lovingly shooed everyone away to rest. After all, they had went out shopping the whole day. But before they left, Jhon did henna designs on Loi's hands. lol

Ada tak bakal pengantin lain buat henna kat orang? Loi always wanted a henna design ever since she saw it during Fizah's wedding years back. The thing is, we didn't engage anyone for henna designs. Since she was willing, Jhon did it lah. I was also surprised Kakak volunteered too. Fizah wanted but she was around on Friday and we were just too busy.

After they went home and had our henna paste set for 3 hours, Mak helped with the henna tainting. We had scotch taped our fingers for better lines and so that Mak won't stress making sure everything is neat. We didn't have our henna on very long. We washed it as soon as it dries which was about 3 hours. I wanted it longer but it was past midnight and we wanted to sleep. But here it is.

After the wedding and all, I can relate the feeling of other brides reminiscing their wedding day as there was a constant reminder on their hands.
Bunga Rampai

I think I was rather detailed about my bunga rampai in my previous post but I just I want to show how it looks like with chiffon pieces and the rampai itself in it.

Sireh Lat-Lat

I had Mak help me do with this one. We just used a small plastic cup, wrap it with gold crepe tissue paper, decorate it with a brooch & flowers. I totally forgot to take a picture of the end result. But it turns out that Versari Ade provides free sireh lat-lat. kwang kwang... The reason being, they will decorate the cup/ holder to our outfit (same purple cloth on our outfit to the cup) so it will match perfectly. So Kak Dee and Jhon just switch the holder.

In the end, it does not matter because as expected, Jhon's hands are so big that he covers the holder and you can see the flowers only.
Bunga Manggar

The night before our wedding, we did our bunga mangar with Jhon's family. His family has always been the crafty group so I knew they were the perfect family to arrange and poke the bunga manggar onto the styrofoam. They were hesitant to help at first because shy-shy mah but once they understand their duty, fwar.. so fast and I was so happy to see them so into it. After all, I want them to feel that they are a part of the gotong-royong and not left out.

We had a good amount of gold crepe tissue paper so we wrapped Mak's bamboo poles to make it more presentable. Where do you think we can get a gold bamboo pole? haha We even cover it with scotch tape for protection. I never thought I would be so happy to see my full and glittery bunga manggar.

I just want to show the set up at my wedding. I didn't rent/ buy an easel to put our big pre-wedding photo shoot photo so instead, I placed it on the table and resting on the wall. Guests can stare at our photo as we stare at each other. lol As expected, the jar was not filled to the maximum but it's okay. At least we can reuse the bottle and box. hehe

Tepung Tawar

Technically, there's an appropriate place to put the bertih (popcorn), yellow rice and egg but we only managed to borrow the renjis-renjis part for rose water. If you read my post about Malay traditions, this is like an act of blessing. It was fun for me, at least because we were sprinkled, prayed for and some relative were funny with their antics.
Directional Signs
A little boo-boo here, I forgot to take a picture of my wedding directional signs but it's basically my signage tied with gold ribbons to the lamp post. Tu je.
And that's it!


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