Things you should know 1 day before the wedding

Your big day is in just about 24 hours. You and your family is probably busy bustling about, checking the décor, caterer and all the nitty-gritty needed for the wedding.

Here's what you need to take note.

Breathe & Keep Calm
You may be overwhelmed because everyone is asking you where, what, who, when and how. You need to check this, do that, find this and know that. If you find when you are feeling flustered, stop, take a deep breath and recollect. It's corny but it works.

Final Checks
If it helps, get a check list but this is the only time you do your last minute errands for any forgotten items. Have another set of eyes and brains to make sure everything is in order.

Expect Anything to Happen
You can plan everything to the T but you really can't control what will happen, whether it's a normal day or a big day. It is because of fate and destiny determined by God. It may be something small like bad weather or chaotic relatives or vendor mishaps. Just be your toes and be prepare for anything.

Let's say but let's hope not, something bad does happens, accept it. Everything happens for a reason. Someone can make a big deal out of nothing which will complicate a situation, vendor problems or anything else. It's going to be emotional and frustrating but by the end of the day. Accept it.

Let it Go
After accepting the situation, let it go. Elsa from Frozen couldn't say/ sing it any better. Solve the problem and move on. Don't hold grudges too.

Amidst of all the duties and items you need to take note of, it's hard to stop and smell the roses. Everyone was asking how I was feeling days leading to my big day but all I could answer was that I was too busy to feel anything! Just remember to take those moments to enjoy and have fun while at it.

I could not stress this any more. With all the planning and hard work, it's easier to see the big picture and not the little things. Naturally, we tend to focus more on negative things or actions. Such thoughts and feelings can bring us down. Always think positive, focus on them and appreciate them.

Proper Sleep
No doubt, perhaps months before the wedding, couples are already swamped with errands and such. That's what I experienced since we had to handled our wedding 98% by ourselves. Sleep and rest? What is that? No matter what, try to do whatever you can earlier so you have lesser things to do 24 hours before the wedding. Get your rest!

Sometimes, when you are too busy or excited, you may lose your appetite but you got to force yourself to have at least a mouthful of food. You need your energy because it's going to be a tiring day. We don't want a weak or even worst, fainting groom or bride.

 ❣ Stay Hydrated
Dehydration can also cause tiredness. So drink up! And yes, corset wearing brides, it will be leceh to take off your girdle to pee but health comes first!

Itinerary is just a Skeleton
There are 3 types of couples. One who disregard an itinerary and wing it, one who had a rough itinerary and one that has a super detailed itinerary. No matter what, an itinerary is just a rough guide on what is happening on your big day. Every wedding varies and it's most helpful for vendors, especially the DJ, Mak Andam, videographer and photographer. With that said, refer to my 3rd point about anything can happen. Time may stray. As long is 30 +/- minutes, it's okay, do not panic.

Depending how you invite your guests, do you invite anyone and everyone or do you invite the significant people in your life? Sometimes, a small wedding does not mean lesser guests and a large wedding, more guests. Also take note of peak periods during your wedding. All I can say is don't worry if your ceremony seems 'empty'. All that matters are that the important people are present.

Take in the moment
For our case, our wedding was catered for 500 guests and since we were having a combined wedding, we spent most of our time in one location. There's no time of travelling to another location. After everyone had taken photos, we had a few moments of just us sitting by ourselves at the pelamin. We appreciate that moment A LOT. We got to absorb the atmosphere, enjoy the music and truly enjoy ourselves.



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