Report of Marriage to Embassy of the Republic of Philippines

For all readers, especially those who have been following from the beginning of my #weddingtalk, sorry my timeline may be a little jumbled up.

For all international couples, please take note of this. After your wedding and honeymoon, report your marriage to the embassy of your spouse's country. The earlier, the better because it's important and it's to get the deed out of the way.

Since Jhon is from the Philippines, we went to the Embassy of the Republic of Philippines. I let Jhon take the lead for this one since it's his 'world'. We signed in at the main counter, told them our intentions which was to report our marriage and we were sent into the compound for queuing.

We went on a weekday morning so although there were quite a crowd, it was a fast process for us.

Documents needed, 4 copies of:
Filled Report of Marriage form
Spouses' Passport
Marriage Certificate (with original copy)

I brought our actual passports too just in case but they didn't refer to any of the original documents. But it's okay, better safe than sorry.

We received a pink slip for immediate payment of SG$42.50 and collect a letter 3 working days later (not sure if the amount of days are consistent), only to inform that our form has been issued to the Philippines for process. The entire thing will take about 6 months. Typical Philippines.

I will update more when we got the official confirmation.


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