Bridal Rooms

To be honest, bridal rooms are not a thing in the past. Even if there is, it's just making the room proper with new curtains, new bedroom furniture (if needed), new painted walls (if needed), pretty bedspread and some flowers to decorate.

The point of a bridal room is just a place where the bride and make up artist locked up in the room for 2 hours for make up and a place where the bride stays in before and during the solemnization ceremony. The room serves as a holding area for the bride, wedding gifts and photo taking area; at least during the solemnization period.

Now, bridal rooms can be decorated into a masterpiece such as these rooms done by Our Midas Touch.


Depending on your preference, budget and vendor, the decoration can be ceiling to floor, wall to wall coverage. There will be chandelier lights, flowing curtains, pretty bed sheets, side lamps and many more. No doubt it's grand and beautiful but I have a thing for natural lighting and fresh air but mostly, I deem is as a luxury. It's not a must and after the thousands we are spending, we are not willing to fork out a minimum of S$600. To each its own ya? Of course if I have more than enough cash, why not right?

So basically, I don't have a bridal room. Plus, our solemnization will be held downstairs, not in my house so it's not really an issue. My room would be literally a getting ready room. Of course, I am going to make the room decent and clean but making no effort in decorating it. hehe

I forgot to take a picture of my room but there's nothing really to show. We just had a new bed, new bed sheets, put up nice curtains with newly painted room and dah.


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