Wedding Review: VideoSmith

    A'las, this is the last review and last wedding related blog post that I will write. They were many reasons for this delay but mostly has nothing to do with Videosmith's delivery in work. It's just me with my laziness or being busy or others.

The wedding package that we chose has no video highlights so we just got our full wedding video. Sorry, I am not sharing our wedding video because we felt it's very personal especially in certain crucial parts. I did consider editing and making my own wedding video highlights but I fear I could not do Videosmith's work justice by butchering it.

But I will make gifs of a few of my favorite clips in the video.

Overall, Fad has been stealthy with his videography recording. He is all about capturing the moments after all. He records angles and scenes we didn't get to experience which made us glad we hired a videographer for our wedding.

I was not kidding when I said we had an emotional wedding.

Since day one to the end, we have no major problems with Fad and Umi. They were great people to work with and we are happy with their work. Granted, we are probably biased because it IS our own wedding after all. With all that happened during the wedding, from the tears, laughter and impromptu dance party, Videosmith gave us our money's worth.

In our contract, it was stated it would take 3-6 months until we receive our wedding video which is really understandable with the amount of footage to edit on top of the amount of weddings they had to work with. Within 3 months, we received the unedited copy of our wedding for our perusal. Just in case there are scenes or edits that we are not happy about.

First few seconds in, we cried and continued crying and laughing while watching just like on our wedding day. hahaha It's definitely a good sign because it truly relived our memories to the max. Basically, we had no objections and asked Fad to proceed with the final touches.

[We gave them Pesos. haha]

Although it felt it took longer than it should, another 3 months later, I was contacted for the delivery of our CDs and thumb drive. I was pleasantly surprised with their presentation because to be honest, I didn't care if they gave us in a simple plastic cover because what was truly important was the content. With that said, they did made a boo-boo because they downloaded a wrong wedding in the thumb drive (CDs were okay). haha

Again, totally understandable mistake because I've had my fair share of mistakes during my school years when there's way too many files to deal with. I informed Umi about it and we talked about an exchange. Unfortunately, they ran out of the pretty thumb drives and had to wait longer which we can't because we would be heading to Philippines within that week (in hopes to share the video too). Long story short, Fad simply passed to us the file via GoogleDrive and we upload to the thumb drive ourselves. The End.

Yes, could use without the mini issue but like I said, understandable mistake and it was rectified smoothly and effectively.

I bet you wouldn't believe me my family/ relatives are not the sporting type when it comes to dancing or any form of public participation. Seeing everyone danced, especially my parents, brought a warm glow in my heart. They were so happy at our wedding until no holds barred.

We are very happy with the video and even to this day, we still smiled and teared up when we watch it and that's what matters.

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