#zurjonWeds - The Wedding Event (part 1)

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Our solemnisation only took 2 hours but it felt so many things had happened. It can be flustering but I was excited for the second part of the wedding, the bertadang. Granted, our wedding location was at one place but I made Jhon walk from a carpark nearby so we have that feeling of bertadang and kompang. I also can't wait to see our 2 favourite uncles, Uncle & Pak Hitam being the guards as they always do at every wedding.

Just 15 minutes passed our schedule, I went down with Kak Yana by my side.

Don't know how many minutes later, Jhon went down with Abg to the nearest carpark where his rombongan and Kompang Al-Falah waited. Initially, we had expected a certain family to follow Jhon's walk but for some circumstances, we technically had no one. Luckily, Jhon's colleagues (some of which are my ex-colleagues) where around. I made Fizah talk to Kak Yati and she helped gathered them to participate.

I thought maybe a few will follow.
But it was more than a crowd!

Jhon's family was also by his side and it was so amazing lah, to see so many people are so sporting & supportive especially at the last minute. Terharu!

Our favourite gantry duo, Uncle and Pak Hitam was separated for the first time in wedding history but it was okay! It was one of the moments were truly looking forward to.

I had been planning to give Filipino Pesos in the money envelope for the longest time. Just to put a touch of his nationality and for a laughs. It worked! Kecoh sey.

From here onwards, Malay Traditions ensues.
My mom along with other aunties threw bertih (popcorn), rice and money. I love the joy on Jhon's face but look at the floor, the kids scrambling for S$0.50 and S$1 coins.

Honestly, when Paman were talking to us, Kak Dee and I didn't understand at all. So we both just smiled and nodded. hahaha In the end, they just passed the duit mak andam. Jhon and I got to see each other for the first time in full garb. 

As we sat down, Kompang Al-Falah got ready for any silat performances. As expected, none except for Syazan performed as requested. My family doesn't do silat, even the asal boleh kind. One volunteered from the group and the group proceeded with their performance.

We loved it!

After that, we were supposed to do a family salaman but Jhon's friends requested to take photos first because they wanted to go off. We said okay. But 1 group became 3 became all of his friends and I panicked! They are messing up the timeline and I worried Mak would get upset. She did asked me but luckily she let it go.

Eventually, we did salam our family. Since my parents can't be left alone on the the stage, the rest of my family had to be on the stage too. It was again, chaotic. Partners were not standing next to each other so the salam was all messy. Not ideal but it truly represents my family lah, messy. haha

More photo taking afterwards with tepung tawar.
Although tepung tawar has it's significant meaning, the routine was silly and fun to us.

Arwah Auntie Tipah was glowing at my wedding.

We had lunch, entertained by Dann's entertainment and karaoke by family & friends.
We eventually went upstairs for our final outfit.

#zurjonWeds - The Wedding Event (part 2)


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