NDP Rehearsal - 30 Jun 2012

Singapore's National Day Parade is in less than 1 month so that only means rehearsal with fireworks!!

I absolute LOVE fireworks! I try to make as much time as possible to catch them especially on rehearsal days because there are lesser people compared to the day itself which is 9th August.

Jhon and I went to our old spot which was at the Esplanade. It was the best because you can watch the outdoor shows up close.

Boats with lighted sails getting ready for the night show.

Standard Singapore flag flying over the skies.


Night falls.

Remember the first picture with the red sails? There you go!

Around 8pm, GEDEBABOOM!
Fireworks where not so fantastic which was understandable since it was just a rehearsal show. If you really want a super big bang, go for the actual day.

Nonetheless, the fireworks were still beautiful.

Love it and love the photos! Thank you Jhon for doing this for me right after the drifting show [click here for the post]. It was tiring but worth it!


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