Wedding Review: Dann's Entertainment

DJ/ Emcee was one of those components in our wedding that we wanted that is simple. When I say simple, I mean, no need of some celebrity Emcee/ host or need to have some games/ questionnaire with the guests. Not that there's anything wrong with it, it's just we don't want lah. lol

We wanted a DJ/Emcee who can interact well, acknowledge the guests Malay & non-Malay, make the necessary announcements on the dot and obviously follow our preferred music preferences.

To be honest, since we engaged Dann's Entertainment, we didn't expect much only because our criteria was simple. But we were so grateful and appreciated that they gave their all to our wedding. Abg Handan & Fauzan had great chemistry so their banter didn't sound fake or forced. Sometimes, my guests does reciprocate but when they don't, the partners recover fast.

Knowing that Jhon is a Filipino, they made an effort to acknowledge and touch base a little on Philippines by saying Mabuhay and such. You know, it's about the little things I take note. =)

I did gave Abg Hamdan a song list of my own via Dropbox. Songs such as Bob Marley - Is this Love, Gwen Stefani - Make Me Like You, Bette Midler - Be My Baby, Coldplay - Lovers in japan and much more awesome songs. I told him to play along with his own song list and requested him to refrain from playing sad & sappy Malay songs. Unless it's requested by guests who wants to karaoke, then never mind, no choice. haha

We had Paroyka Ni Edgar - Minamahal kita as our 2nd outfit entrance with Jhon's Barong and Alanis Morissette - Head Over Feet (starting from Chorus) for our cake cutting. They had a cake popper too. I initially didn't want it because I melatah but I went for it anyways because macam fun. When the moment came, I just braced myself so externally, I looked cool je but inside, "Janganterperanjat, Janganterperanjat, Janganterperanjat" lol

Besides handing Abg Handan the wedding card, I also gave him list of contacts, itinerary and the names of our immediate families. So that they can call efficiently for family photo taking or for whatever reason. I can confidently say, that Abg Hamdan and Fauzan had greatly used all the information I gave to them.

During our special 2nd entrance, they had guided us to ensure a proper entrance and made the necessary announcements so that all eyes were on us.

After our thank you speeches, they also asked us a couple of questions which we didn't expect. Abg Hamdan and Fauzan asked Jhon on how we met and the moment he first saw me. He said we met at work and that he knew that something was special about me.

They then asked me what was I doing and if I knew about the moment and I said, yes and it was my first day at work and I was given a tour of the office! The place was kecoh sekejap especially when I said I had no mutual feeling. hahaha

My other favorite moment was after the mega family photo taking and the standard "SELAMAT PENGANTIN BARU!!" and such. Dann's Entertainment randomly played a Hindustan song,Tukur Tukur from the movie Dilwale

And this broke out.

Mind you, my family is hardly ever the spontaneous and sporting time. This is the first time within our family affair it happens. Kecoh tahap maxima!

Yeah, I have no sense of rhythm and kinda mimicked Pak & Mak Hitam. I have those moves when you just move to the groove as it feels good but it looks freaking awkward. But it doesn't matter especially for moments that never happened before. Mind you, we were surprised Pak Hitam danced on stage with us, ESPECIALLY Mak Hitam the cool and chill makcik. They danced for so long, I was laughing to Jhon asking are we done yet?

And yes, I breathed a big sigh of relief as Uncle insisted that we stand up and dance (you think me dancing while sitting down look bad? Think again) and as we stood up, the music stopped. Alhamdulillah.

Abg was joking asking what drugs we put in the food. haha
Ask Cik Normie from Nurie Creations lah.

I didn't know everyone was having so much fun and at an absolutely high (pun not intented) and that song apparent brought it out. I can't wait for our official wedding video to be ready. These are the moments we are glad we hired a videographer.

Anyways, Dann's Entertainment is a prime example of great professionalism at an affordable cost. Check them out!


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