1 Month Married

It has been 1 month since Jhon and I have been husband and wife.

The usual question was, "How's married life?"
We unanimously agreed with the word "Weird"

From the night we got married, I was telling Jhon, "You are my husband, you know?"
That continued 1 week later, during our honeymoon, after our honeymoon and up until now. It's just weird. I suppose we have been boyfriend-girlfriend for almost 9 years now so it's really odd to see each other as a different status.

We do spend a lot of time together after all these years so it didn't feel much of a difference. The only difference was we don't separate ways by the end of the day and having extra private time. It was unbelievable that instead of Jhon sending me home every single night, I am following him back home.

After all these years of protecting our family's reputation by being well-behaved (if you know what I mean), we kept asking each other if we were sure Mak allows me to sleep over? Is it really okay? We asked that even more so on the first time we had a room all to ourselves at Sentosa. Usually, someone is always staying in a room with us as a guardian (lol). We were laughing and asking, "Where's Mak? or Fizah?"

Other than that, my life as a wife is normal, I suppose. I knew way before getting married that my first order of business was to do Jhon's laundry. This man likes to collect dirty laundry as a side hobby I think. Lucky for me, I secretly enjoy doing the laundry. There's something about turning smelly things into fragrant and soft things that makes me happy. Yes, I always smell them before hanging the laundry and before folding them.

So how's married life so far?



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