Wedding Review: Versari Ade

As mentioned many-many times before, when I saw Abg Hadi's work and outfits from Versari Ade many many years ago, I knew I wanted VA too even though marriage was never near my mind.

Not only their make up is the kind that enhances your natural beauty, their wedding style is mostly traditional with a modern touch. Being an old bride, I was never into those hipster weddings which has nothing wrong with it, it's just not my preference.

Unfortunately, even if I wanted Abg Hadi to do my make-up, he was unavailable for my wedding for his other work commitments. We had his sister instead, Kak Dee which I had no problem since I noticed everyone's style was similar.

Read about the day we booked Versari Ade and the subsequent appointments with them here:
The Booking, The Outfit Choosing and The Final Fitting.

I've never met Kak Dee before so I was a little nervous because she will be spending the whole day with me; seeing me half naked, sweaty and be up real close to my face. She ran a tad late but it was okay lah. It didn't effect much time on my itinerary. Remember BTB, you got to loosen up the reins a little.

Kak Dee was a sweet lady. The more I talked and get to know her, the more she has a few traits similar like mine. Abit awkward but obviously more open to meeting people because of her job scope.

I am never particular about make up. I appreciate thick make up that accentuates more of natural beauty but not over board that it hides it. I just told Kak Dee what I told Abg Hadi, do whatever you think is best. Enhance my natural beauty (if have lol) and don't be shy with those double eyelid tapes.

I won't go in such detail but everyone loved our outfits. There were plenty of oooh and aahhs which of course I appreciate. Nasib tak kembang sampai baju koyak.

Make up wise, I am happy but the problem was, my wedding was an emotional roller coaster ride. Plenty of crying and crazy laughter. So imagine that tears and sweat on my make up. Those fake eyelashes unfortunately didn't stay fresh as long as it should. haha

I decided to let my hair down for my nikah since the next 2 hairstyles will be up in a bun.

For our main outfit for the wedding ceremony, since it was purple, Kak Dee brought purple orchids to match which was a delightful surprise. The make up on this was was definitely my favorite. It was darker and deeper which suits our outfit.

Lastly, my gown to match Jhon's Barong. Just a disclaimer for new readers, we had to buy our own barong. You may read here on how. Since traditional Barong are cream in color, we chose a gown to fit. I love it that we could incorporate Filipino's styling even for a little bit. I could see the sense of pride of Jhon's family and his peers.

Now, my review on Kak Dee herself.
(ahh... stress tak Kak Dee and team if you are reading this? lol)

I don't have bridesmaids or groomsmen. I only have orang kuat. So help is welcomed by anyone who is available to. Technically, yes, my sis and Fizah, my best buddy should be my first people to rely on but both of them had babies! Understandably so, they weren't available to for me every minute or hour.

This is I commanded Kak Dee and her dedicated Mak Andam duties. Yes, she did what a Mak Andam traditionally should do; not just doll you up and maybe a little touch ups here and there. She made sure we were hydrated, food is ready for us, followed the itinerary as close as possible, made sure we were posed properly, she even held my house keys to go in and out of the house and many more.

I didn't expect such traditional practice which made me appreciate her even more. For some of you who always rant about duit mak andam that it's not deserving since their services are expected from the bridal package, if you have such service, you won't complain at all. Ikhlas, I kasi.

No regrets in choosing Versari Ade. Their dedication towards us was above and beyond.

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