Bunga Pahar Bought

If you've read my post on 28 Malay wedding traditions, you would know bunga pahar or bunga telur is one of main must have in a wedding. To some families, it's true meaning still holds while majority use it for decoration.

I did considered buying it in Singapore and order it together with the same vendor that I order sireh dara with. But it was only during our trip at Larkin when we saw bunga pahar at Syarikat Thong Seng. All those pretty flowers and colors man! In fact, it was upon buying our chosen bunga pahar when I was informed we can custom-made one and will be ready in 1 week. Good hor?

I was thinking of getting dark red against my gold/cream decor with red roses sireh dara. It would be symmetrical and pops out. But eventually, we just get a gold one since upon checking our potential decor design, the flowers wouldn't blend it as we feared it would. Plus, at this point when our wedding day is getting closer, I try to tell myself not to nitpick so much. On the day itself, I don't think I would pay much attention to such things.

Silly us, didn't take a photo of the set when it was on display. So all I could show is this.

Not much of a looker but trust me that it looks so pretty and glittery when it's all properly displayed. All we need to do is put in boiled eggs (maybe I can dye it in red- mati2 nak red eh?) in the mesh and slot in the bunga pahar stand which I have from my sis's wedding. 


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