#zurjonWeds - The Nikah (part 1)

Yes, yes, I know, this post has been delayed for quite a bit since my wedding was on 23rd April. In my defense, I've been posting reviews first (so I can link them as I write this post) and well, honeymoon, settling down with a new routine, Ramadhan and Hari Raya does keep my days busy.

I will break this down into 3 posts, the solenization (which I will divide into 2 smaller parts) and the wedding event and I will try to be as detailed as possible mostly for my memory sake.

Let's begin.

My day started earlier than Jhon because I need at least 2 hours of get ready time. Everyone was busy and Ayah had this habit of asking me to go downstairs to see and comment on the arrangement of items. I had to tell him "I don't want to go downstairs! I am princess (queen) today, I don't want to sweat and stress unnecessarily" That's got to be the most selfish thing I ever said in my entire life. haha I forced grub on some breakfast (no appetite) and made Jhon via message that he had eaten too.

No doubt, I was tensed and when Versari Ade's Mak Andam, Kak Dee arrived, I was numb. I kept glancing at the note Jhon wrote me. I didn't want anxiety get the best of me and tawakkal I did.

I told you, no bridal room. haha but it looks organic. 10-20 years down the road, not only the items serves a memory, the room itself too. There's a few pictures where my spongebob box was in full view too.

At about 10am, I was told Tok Kadi was downstairs and probably 10-15 minutes after that, I went down with Kak Dee and Mak by my side. I was nervous only because all eyes were on me.

The place was surprisingly crowded and the sofa was placed off the stage and to the side as planned. I was actually happy and excited but at the same time telling myself to not to get too emotional.

I was fine. As soon as I sat down, I unknowingly lifted my legs and shook them. I suppose it was a nervous/ happy thing but it was improper to a point Kak Dee had to whisper me to stop. haha I tried to calm down by listening to Zikir Munajat that I had requested Abg Hamdan from Dann's Entertainment to play.

As I said, I was fine, we were taking photos and such until I looked up and just realized Jhon was already downstairs with us and was seated at the pelamin with the Tok Kadi.
I didn't notice it at first but I saw a tissue in his hands as he wiped his red nose. Was he having the sniffles? It was then I realized, he had cried and was still trying to control his tears.

I can't help it. I cried too.
 In those 8 years dating him, I've only seen him cry 2 times, both relationship related. Now, I get to add 1 more into the list.

Despite having warned him that it's going to be a nerve wrecking experience but being a typical man, he said he will be under control. Not surprisingly, the situation was so overwhelming (in a good way), he cried. Surprisingly, he cried, a lot.

Apparently, he started to feel nervous when he was wearing his samping and when he was downstairs and saw his mom, he bawled. He said he couldn't stop. As he walked towards the pelamin, instead of sitting on the stage, he went behind it. (I didn't see this happen, probably busy leg shaking lol). Everyone who saw was confused but Jhon said he was just trying to regain his composure. When he sat on the pelamin with tok kadi Hassan, that's when I saw him.

All those while that I've been controlling my emotions to avoid crying were down the drain. I am a sucker to see a man (especially the strong and silent types) cry. Everyone thought I was being dramatic and that Jhon was too nervous. But it was not that at all. The feeling was indescribable. You got to understand, it's been 8 years (at that time) and we've been through plenty of obstacles mostly from people around us. It's the general feeling of overwhelm, happiness and relief all into one at full force.
It's like, this is it.
We are doing it, we did it.

Of course, I laughed afterwards because it felt silly but I can't deny that feeling. It took quite a while for Jhon to regain his composure but luckily, Kadi Hassan was very reassuring and managed to comfort him.

Until this point and probably until we grow old, I will always joke about how it looked like a forced marriage. hahaha

Well, the solemnization went well, as mentioned on my review on Kadi Hassan, he did his sermon that is on the dot for us and everyone else. He was clear, concise and not intimidating. Sign here and there, explanations and finally the moment had come.

Before we knew it, everyone was getting ready for the moment. We recited doa, received a green light for the commencement from Ayah and did the actual proceedings.

Jhon did his declaration of his intention to marry me the best way he could. All we truly need was that sentence, the wali and witnesses. It was that simple and with that, we are officially married.

At that point, it was still unbelievable. Dah? we are married?

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