Beauty Keeper - CONTIN & Mdmmd from Taiwan

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I had no idea I would be expecting when I agreed to receive a box from Beauty Keeper. To be honest, I've never even heard of this company but then again, I am hardly ever up to date with current beauty and/or fashion products so what do I know?

Beauty Keeper is company to bring innovative, novel an award winning Taiwanese beauty products to you. so if you a fan or interested in using Taiwanese products, Beauty Keeper is the place to go.

The first bottle that caught my eyes was the CONTIN plant extract shampoo.

What caught my attention even more was that it uses GARLIC enzyme as one of it's main ingredients. I know right? Apparently, the founders noticed that the grandmas who worked in the garlic factory hands were really soft, thus began to discover garlic's energy based on their chemical background and inherited enzyme brewing method.

This shampoo not only cleans and makes your hair silky smooth but also helps fix oily scalp, dandruff, inflammation, hair damage and hair loss.

But the main question is, does it smell like garlic??

NOPE. It does not have a flowery scent either but more of a slightly tonic scent. The shampoo lathers well and cleans my hair. As for whether it helps treat oily scalp and such, I can't speak for it since I don't have such problems. But if you do, you may give it a try.

The next 2 bottles came from Mdmmd which is apparently, an award winning online cosmetics brand. I got my hands on their Upra Age-Delay Revive Toner and Water Drop Cream.

Enriched in high concentration of compound natural ferment extract, Mdmmd Upra Age-Delay Revive Toner prevents and slows down skin aging. It also improves appearance of dryness of the skin, helps skin cell metabolism, whitens skin while providing abundant nutrition and giving a ultimate repair.

The toner is actually odorless and the consistency is not watery like any other toners. It's slightly thicker in consistency but definitely not sticky at all. After gently massaging on skin, the products seems to seep into the skin and that was that. My skin felt almost immediately soft and moisturised.

Now, if you are the kind who dislikes having too many bottles for 1 every type of product, you may like Mdmmd's Water-drop Cream because it is a 3-in-1 skin care product combining toner, serum and lotion.

With the innovated Hydrogel transfer technology, Mdmmd locks the multi-bio sin care elements and plant essence extract in the cream. Combining toner, serum and lotion, the Water-drop cream hydrates and moisturises the skin and repairs dry skin, tightens skin, improves appearance of fine lines, repairs  and keeps skin healthy.

I love the smell of the cream as it as a sweet flowery scent and a little of it goes a long way which is always a plus. After a few seconds, the cream leaves no residue at all except a soft, supple and moisturised skin. This means, it is perfect to use before wearing make up (or not) and going out. I got to admit, this is my favourite product out of the 3 I received.

It's no surprise since it is one of their exclusive products among others.

To find out more info on the products above and much, much more, check out Beauty Keepers's website at

You can directly buy award winning products from Taiwan only from their website and don't forget to peek in their instagram page @BeautyKeeperTW


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