Wedding Review: Invogue Photography

It's hard to find affordable photographers with decent skills. The ones we truly like are always over budget. We only came across Mr Lim from Invogue Photography through Versari Ade since he is their in-house photographer.

Yes, we got the unconventional Chinese photographer but he had years of experience and we had looked at his portfolio of Malay weddings at VA's office.

Our first encounter with Mr Lim was during our pre-wedding photoshoot. As mentioned on a separate post review on the studio shoot, he was silly in our eyes and we love silly.

Personality wise, definitely no complains that goes with his work. We get what we paid for so that's nothing much we could comment. His photos are clear, he got all the important shots and even the snap shots. The only thing I could really comment was I wished he had more effort in arranging my family portrait.

To give him credit, I did told him before hand that my family ni ada tension, mostly between my parents. I had told him not make or encourage them to sit together as it was a no go. I guess with that, he was just being cautious and let everyone stand where ever they want therefore the mess. BUT with that said, it makes the scene more natural and he DOES advice and arrange the other guests.

My siblings pun satu, tak tahu stand with their respective partner. Step single-mingle, diri jauh2. haha

I won't be posting most of his photos here. I will post them as I write about my wedding.

Here's just a glance through.

He likes to say "Count her/his black heads" for this shots. haha

Just like my family, it's imperfect but it's rare to have a complete picture of my family like this.
Especially with Jhon's family, only God knows when this will happen again. The people not here on Jhon's side is his brother, Paul and Loi's husband.

So happy to have a nice photo of arwah Auntie Tipah.

I love this picture because I look like a mannequin and Jhon is looking at me so lovingly. Snap shots can be the best kind of photos.

Dah, enough. See more photos when I write about our actual solemnisation and wedding event.

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