Wave House @ Sentosa, Esplanade & Merlon with The Tolentinos

This one was a hot and cranky outing. I really cannot tahan the heat and was borderline cranky. Thank God, Sarah was okay and I managed to cool her down as much as I can.

Kak Yana's work place had a family day event. She happily auto invited and applied Jhon and I (we always say yes one) forgetting that Jhon's family will be around. So she had to ask her colleagues for their tickets to bring them in too. haha

The place was at Wave House, Sentosa. It was a first for us too and by the time we reached the place, the event was already half way done. The heat was also unbearable so majority of us just stayed under the shade. As for me, I sat in the air-conditioned restaurant with Sarah most of the time because she gets understandably cranky if she was outside too long.

The carnival was actually fun lah. I didn't get to explore the place but they had plenty of games and glorious food! I spent most of the time eating and tending to Sarah. haha We also attacked the photo booth several times.

This was the only photo I took there. IKR?
Never mind, at least have keepsake photo with Abg Syazan. haha

The carnival ended at 11am and we were divided if we wanted to continue to go out or just go home but surprisingly, Jhon's family were still into it. They were thinking, they were in Singapore so they want to soak in as much as possible. Abang offered to spend more time at the beach but everyone was done with that so we parted ways.

We ended up at Esplanade to check out our famous durian architecture and the Merlion. It rained for a while which didn't really helped with the temperature. You know, it was those rainy hot weather types which made the ground release those almost toxic-like smells.

When the rain finally subsided, we continued our walk. It was still so hot though.

Funny story. Ma was kinda sulking, "I want to hold Sarah!" and I was like, "I offered to you and you didn't take her!" Ok, I was smiling but borderline cranky but Jhon backed me up though. lol Sarah seemed okay too, maybe she didn't want to be near her mom who potentially will become a monster. haha

Believe me when I said I was waving and singing like a mad women behind Jhon so Sarah won't freak out. haha That's why you can see Jhon's family laughing in some of the photos because they were laughing at me.

And that was that. All of us waved the white flag due to the head and went home for a nice home cooked dinner. Was it worth the photos?

Gardens by the Bay with the Tolentinos - March 2018

On 12th March, Jhon's parents with his sister and son visited us and stayed over for the entire week. If you noticed the pattern, we visit each other on alternate years. Since we visited Philippines last year (when I was only 2 months pregnant with Sarah), they get to visit us again this year. On top of that, we were not ready to travel with a baby on the airplane; mostly scared lah. haha

Previously, we had taken them to Sentosa where we staycation for a night and visited S.E.A aquarium among other Sentosa things. This time, one of the place we brought them was Gardens by the Bay. I always try to make an effort to take them to a place where Pa and Ma would love too! Plus, it's not so hot because of the cooling control climate in there.

Of course, it would be nice to have my family to join us for bonding time but it was not a public holiday week but at least Mak managed to join us.

Okay, cue photo vomit!

Awww.... Jayden and Sarah.
It's funny how Jayden looks like Jhon when he was a baby and since Sarah looks like more like Jhon, Jayden and Sarah actually looks like siblings instead of cousins. haha Once in a while, Sarah would laugh or grin a certain way and would look like sebijik like Jayden.

Group shot!
Unfortunately, Sarah does not like anyone else hold her so most of the time, she was only held by me or Jhon. Occasionally, Loi get to hold her but mostly at home.

This was the start of Sarah being what I like to call "See-no-touch" phase. She would smile, interact or even play with you but once you hold her, she would cry. haha

I was breastfeeding Sarah and everyone was lingering nearby but this lovebirds wandered off, strolling by themselves. Couples goals.

Yea, I am borderline obsessed having a proper photo with Sarah when we are out. It's the only time I am dressed up with make up and look presentable enough to take photos. Unlike Jhon, he can take photos with Sarah everyday at home and he still looks nice. hmph.

One with our moms.

Thank goodness for the cart ride because as beautiful the area was, it was way too hot. It would be a horrendous experience with 2 kids and 3 elderly in tow. Oh, and Sarah absolutely love the ride as she was dancing and smiling. haha

After which, we headed to Marina Square for an early dinner and also had planned to check out the big balloon display they always have every year. Unfortunately, Jayden was scared of them, perhaps way too balloons for him to handle so we just had dinner and headed home. It was great day!


Durian at Your Doorstep!

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Do you know that my love for durians started rather young and when I mean love, I mean borderline cat-scowling, don't touch my share, obsessed kind of love. But as I moved towards adulthood, my body would get very "heaty" every time I dive into those fleshy, creamy and bittersweet yellowness. It is because of that, I tend to tighten the reins to the durian monster but of course, once in a while, I loosen it.

A few nights ago was the night, my friends...

When DurianDelivery.com.sg contacted me, within a heartbeat, I said yes! But before I indulge on the durians I received and how I ravished it, let me tell you a bit more about Durian Delivery.

The name of the company says it all. They deliver durians to your home, simple as that. Previously, I was pampered by the fact that my BIL would buy durians for the household and all we need to do is attack. Now that I live separately, I don't get such luxury anymore. Jhon and I don't own a car so lugging durian via public transport seems a hassle and if we buy the dehusked versions, we might risk having the smell lingering out. That's if you care lah.

Now, besides delivery, what is so special about Durian Delivery? They ONLY deliver fresh durians that were plucked and delivered from their farms! How fresh?
As fresh as within 6-12 hours after they were plucked! They will never serve old durians as some durians stalls tend to do but do not worry as they will never go to waste since they will freeze them and sell them to bakeries or cakeries to bake.

They have 3 types of the ever popular durians.

Mao Shan Wang (MSW)

The most popular breed of durian among Singaporeans, the Mao Shan Wang is extremely sensitive to heat, and need to be consumed quickly for maximum taste.
They are well known for their bittersweet taste!

Hand-Picked Old Tree MSW Durian (TSW, PAHANG AAA+)

What separates the Royal MSW from your traditional MSW is the kind of curation it goes through. From the cultivation of the first-fruits to it getting plucked down, every piece has been selected with care and precision to bring you the Royal MSW. They are rich and has a heavily complex flavor that’s slightly bittersweet.

Red Prawn

The sweet flavour of the Red Prawn is perfect for first-time lovers of durians.
Coming with an intense sweet flavour, the Red Prawn is a favourite of both first-time durian eaters and durian connoisseurs.

They have a fleet of trucks coming from Malaysia everyday and believe me when I say that the durians are lovingly cared for because they are transported in air-conditioned vehicles.

Ordering is easy too with a quick visit to their website, you can order any of the durians at 400g or 800g packs ranging from S$15.90 to S$49.90 depending on the type of durian. They are all dehusked and ready to eat. Some people may say half of the fun is opening the durians by themselves but sometimes, you just want to eat! haha

You may choose date of delivery and they even have express delivery within 2 hours! They also have time slots between 2pm to 11pm divided in 4 hour time frames.

Same Day Delivery: S$9.70 per location
Express Delivery: S$14.70 per location
Surchage for Sentosa & Army Camps: S10.00

Oh yeah, if you order S$200 and above, it's free delivery!
Durian Party anyone? haha

Now, let's talk about my experience with the Durian Delivery and their durians.

I requested my durians between 6pm to 8pm which to be honest, I gave them quite a small time frame and I was promised the freshest of the fresh so it was expected they went over the time frame.

I requested durians for 4 pax and Durian Delivery generously provided 2 packets of TSW and 2 packets of MSW. Believe me when I said I aimed for the TSW. They were named royalty for a reason so I just had to try it first.

The durians were perfectly sealed to avoid odours emitting and as soon as you opened it. FUH! There was no mistaken smell of the notorious durian that can easily divide their haters and lovers.

The pieces were naturally varied in sizes but of course, I had to pick up the biggest one. The durian meat was exceptionally creamy, fleshy and sweet. The ratio of flesh to seed is also great which means a satisfying amount on every piece.

The well-known MSW had a good balance of bitter-sweet while the TSW was more to a sweeter side. Either way, my family and I thoroughly enjoyed both!

That includes Sarah because in case you don't know, durians are one of those food which its flavors can pass through breast milk. Out of curiosity, I tasted my milk the next day and it did had a mild flavor of durian! How interesting is that? haha And yes, durian is also a milk booster for me too.


Thank you again, DurianDelivery.com.sg for the delicious durians.
I totally would recommend this to anyone who wants fresh and delectably scrumptious durians delivered from the farm to your door step.