Just Nuts about Nuts!

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Baked, roasted or raw. 

Toss them in a salad or add them to your sides or sauces.

Mix them in desserts for that added crunch or eat it as it is. 

There are so many ways to eat the what it is known as ordinary food but one thing for sure, it has several health benefits everyone should look out for. 

I am not going to list them all but for the gist of it, nuts are highly nutritious, filled with antioxidants, promote weight loss, help with your cholesterol and generally  reduce disease risk such as diabetes, heart stroke and stroke. With that said, don't just willy-nilly consume the nuts, moderation is key and of course depends on your health situation.

Jhon always have our home stock with snacks which are mostly junk food. I try to avoid them all together but it is really hard when the snacks are just there, just waiting to be eaten. haha Just Nuts would come real handy for a healthier choice of snacks. Not only they have an assortment of choices on the website, they also provide 1 hour delivery services for that last minute quick fix.

They also have Mixed Nuts for those who wants variety in one packet, Dried Fruits and Seeds & Beans.

I ordered top 4 favorites in our family.

All of them are packed per 100g so if you ordered 300g, you get 3 packets. It is convenient that way because you only take what you need and most importantly to me, it helps with portioning. haha

I love Roasted Pistachios and yes, baked is always better but gimme a chance k'? It was utter delicious and fresh. I was eating it while watching Netflix and before I knew it, it looked like I swallowed the bag within minutes. The Dried Cranberries were delightful and not too sweet which we thoroughly like. Sarah loves to eat her raisins but it looks like she has another favorite in queue.

I ordered Dried Figs mostly for myself. I love the texture of the seeds. Again, it has its natural sweetness to it that I enjoy. Baked Cashews is Jhon's favourite. I ordered 500g worth of it. He offered me ONE cashew and that was the only time I get to eat it. hahaha

Click and visit Just Nuts and you will see you will be spoiled for choice! 

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Staycation at Intercontinental Singapore


We love staycations and we do it once a year. It is more to do something out of our usual routine to avoid feeling stuck in a rut without spending extra and leaving out of the country.

This staycation was done before the SingaporeVouchers hoohah so our experience and stay there was utterly delightful.

The hotel of our choice this time was the The Intercontinental. I don't know about you guys, but as a family who does not own their own transport, we want to stay near Halal eateries and leisurely places for ease of transport. Basically, we don't want to use so much time travelling just to eat or 'jalan-jalan'. Being in the heart of Bugis, it was absolutely a perfect place to be in. It is literally connected to Bugis Junction; any nearer, the mall has to be in the hotel!

This is the first time we stayed in fancy hotel and we were not disappointed, from the checking in to checking out, our experience was smooth and we felt so pampered. This was Sarah's 3rd staycation and probably the first time she truly experience and acknowledge the trip since the last 2 stays was when she was 1 and 2 years old. She was bouncing off the walls with happiness and that was enough to fill our hearts.

There was nothing much to share other than the standard, check-in, soak in the room, have dinner, 'jalan-jalan' in the malls, bought supper and spent the rest of the night munching and soaking in the bathtub with bath bombs.

We intended to visit the swimming pool but we ended up another round in the bath tub instead because we just wanted to laze in the room. Luckily, Sarah was okay with it and was fine just peering out to the the swimming pool view we had. 

Somehow or rather, we were more sad than usual checking out of Intercontinental. We were having the "Wished we had another night" problem. haha A'las, we had to budget. We are still amidst of Covid-19 pandemic although Singapore has been doing so well monitoring everything. To even have the extra spending money to have this staycation is a legit luxury when there are people who are truly suffering from the pandemic.

Ok, I accidentally ended this in a solemn note but sometimes we need to have one foot on the ground ya? Take care everyone, and stay safe always!

Cosmo Prime® Air Purifier - Purify your air at its fullest potential.

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If you are considering an air purifier whether it is because you are prepping for the dreaded haze season (usually occurs during the southwest monsoon season between June and September, and becomes more severe during periods of dry weather),  your home is in an extra dusty/ smoky neighborhood, you have little furry babies or just easily prone to allergens, you may consider the Cosmo Prime® Air Purifier.

Jhon has been eyeing for the right air purifier and it has always been in the expensive range, too bulky or the "affordable" ones don't do justice. So we were excited to have Cosmo Prime® Air Purifier in our home! We live near a temple (lately, not so much burning ever since Covid19 happened with CB and its phases) and near a busy road so our home does gets dusty more than usual. On top of that we are a family prone to dust allergies so hearing either of us sneezing a few times throughout the day is pretty much normal.

Having an air purifier in your home means it can clear and clean your air from all kinds of dust and allergens. You will be surprised, sometimes, the air in your home may be more polluted from outside as pollutants and gases may seep into your home and remain suspended with closed doors and windows. 

So what Cosmo Prime® Air Purifier has that is extra special? 

It uses Medical Grade H13 HEPA filter which filters more pollutants than an ordinary filter! It has a 3 step filtration that manages large particles on the first layer, dander and microbes on the second and neutralizing odor on the third.

Looking sleek and minimalist, it does not look gaudy at all so it will not ruin any aesthetic to your home. Do not be fooled by it's simple exterior as it can produce hard work and efficiency for your comfort. 

With its 360 degrees filtration, effectively filters fur, dander and microbes from all around no matter where it is placed and it can cover up to 80m2 of room space! That is a lot! It also has a Trademark Pet Guardian feature targets odor specifically from pets and neutralizes it effectively. 

Other specifications:

✅ It has a PM 2.5 counter so you can monitor your room's air quality.

✅ Has SilentMotor-VX™ which you can set the noise level at 20dB that is barely audible! But do take note that if you need the Cosmo Prime® Air Purifier to work at its full potential (usually when you start to use it for the first time and/if your room need that extreme cleaning), you may have to set the fan at high speed which can be rather loud. Their medium setting is pretty decent for day use and low setting is perfect for quiet night sleeps.

✅ Speaking of night sleeps, it does have a Night Light Toggle which not only lowers the motor/fan sounds but also have the light off for those who requires total darkness or on for a comforting night light.

✅  It has an Anion Mode or Healthy Ion Toggle which gives out negatively charged ions. Anion is also known as vitamins from the air. It is beneficial to our health and bodies.

✅ There is real-time usage monitoring with WIFI activation. You may download their free app so you can check and access Cosmo Prime® Air Purifier wherever you are.

✅ Has a handle for easy handling.

✅ It has a Child lock against curious fingers.

✅ It has a 5-year Warranty.

✅ Same day Free Delivery.

✅ It has a filter replacement reminder. It is recommended for you to change the 3-in-1 HEPA filter every 6-12 months, depending on air quality and usage! The proprietary filter costs $70, you will be sent a link to the product page once you place a purifier order. The first purifier comes with a FREE 3-in-1 HEPA filter.

My personal experience:

Jhon and I love the Cosmo Prime® Air Purifier. It looks simple but can do so much for our home. I had placed the air purifier throughout 3 rooms, our living room, our bedroom (door and windows always opened) and even Abg Jamil's bedroom (door open agape and windows closed throughout the day) with ease.

In average, our home particle reading was about 10μg/m3 which is pretty decent and normal. But guess what? After the air purifier has done its work, my room's reading went as low as 1μg/m3! Crazy or what? At night, Abg Jamil would smoke after a tiring day at work but behind closed doors and when we are all in our respective rooms. But you know how smoke goes everywhere; every nook and cranny which includes the gaps under the door.

So despite his efforts to block the cigarette smell, it is impossible to block it entirely. At night, I place Cosmo Prime® Air Purifier in the living room. Initially, the reading was 11μg/m3 then eventually 7μg/m3 but when the cigarette smoke and smell starts to seep out, it read as 45+μg/m3! So I just let it run overnight and let it do its deed.

It is really inaudible at its lowest setting and I am still amazed on how well it filters out dust, allergens and other particles. I am eager to use it during haze period too which I bet it will do its job with flying colors. I highly encourage Cosmo Prime® Air Purifier to anyone who is hunting for the right air purifier.

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Sarah's Genetic Appointment

 As I've mentioned before, I have no idea what to expect at genetic appointment. From my knowledge, it requires blood testing to check the DNA and such. I was informed that this appointment is just a consultation and further in-depth explanation on Morning Glory. 

I was hoping that this would be the last doctor's visit on investigating Sarah's health. 

The appointment actually went great. The doctor thoroughly checked Sarah's physical and mental capabilities almost the same as her Pediatrician check-up. She asked and tested Sarah's motor skills, conversational skills and such. Sarah passed with flying colors and I left that room beaming with pride. 

The doctor checked her body and her growth too and it was also a pass. Accompanied with a genetics consultant, we talked about the entire journey we had from the beginning. It was mostly because the doctors wants to know how much I understood what was going on along with my thoughts and feelings.

The reason we were because they are considering if Sarah should go for a genetic testing in regards of her Morning Glory, such as looking for the root of the cause, if it was hereditary, etc. They would need some of her blood to be sent overseas for the testing and it does have a "good" price tag. The doctors asked for my opinion in this.

I shared that since Sarah does not have detrimental health issues and had passed all her check ups, I don't see the need for a genetic testing. At this point, Jhon and I accepted it as an eye birth defect and nothing more. It would be pointless to go through all that especially it would be for information only. Perhaps but hopefully not, there are any new health related issues that comes up, we can consider. The doctors unanimously agreed. They also added that the testing still has room to grow in terms of experimentation anyways.

We can always come back for a testing at any point when Sarah is growing up on whether there was a need or not. 

Thus, a'las, a conclusion to all these doctor's visits. Sarah still needs to visit her eye doctor every few months but that's about it. It has been a long tedious journey but Jhon and I are grateful that it all ended on a better note than not.

Sarah's Ultrasound & MRI Results

 Just in case you missed it, you may click here for the appointment itself.

We had to wait next month for the full results of both Ultrasound and MRI results. It was a little nerve-wrecking but Jhon and I try not to think much about it. It was after all a protocol check-up just in-case if there are any more underlying health issues. But you know how it is, once a bad thought seeps in, it is difficult to shake it off.

Not letting the suspense dwell any longer, I am happy to share that Sarah's kidney, bladder and brain are normal! Alhamdullilah! I wish Jhon was next to us when the doctor shared the great news so I can go "YAY!!" but I just squeezed Sarah instead because doctor was still talking. haha

On top of her pediatrician check-up which went well, there were no actual concerns. It was just her eye defect that thankfully not connected to any other syndromes. It was really a big sigh of relief but we were still due to see genetics doctor the same month. Which honestly, I have no idea how the whole appointment be like as all I know it is very detailed and thorough kind of testing as it consists of DNA and such.

I asked the doctor what to expect and she just said it would be just a consultation and they wanted to "see" Sarah and they will see how it goes from there. Until then, I am taking this as a victory already. My daughter is healthy despite of her eye.

Sarah's Ultrasound & MRI Appointment

 Sarah had her kidney and bladder ultra sound and MRI scan on the month of September, 11th for the former and 25th for the later.

Kidney and Bladder Ultra Sound

In layman terms, I was told this was to check if Sarah's kidney and bladder was normal but in the form, it stated that the doctor was looking for abnormalities associated with Charger syndrome. Again, I regretted looking it up, not only adds to the worries but also my heart sank for the children who truly suffered under it.

This appointment was easy breezy for us. Mostly because it was just an ultrasound and Sarah had this done before when she was a baby to check her hips (she was a breeched baby). I knew the entire process was non-stressful and basically knew what to expect. 

As usual, I had prepped Sarah thoroughly what was going to happen so she wasn't nervous at all. Our appointment was in the morning and for some reason, it took a little longer than expected and we were lead to another ultrasound room instead of our designated room.

Sarah was cautious at first when we entered the room. A TV with We Bare Bears helped distracted her as the nurse/technician put globs of gel to start with the scan. she did Sarah's belly and then we had to flip her to her sides for her kidney. Before we knew it, we were done and headed straight home. It is always nerve-wrecking when you can't know the results immediately but there's nothing I can really do anything about it.

MRI Scan

The appointment that gave me anxiety was the MRI scan. MRI scan for my 3 year old daughter where she has to go under general anesthesia. I know there are younger children with tougher appointments but this is OUR journey ya? At that moment, I was just being a worrisome mother encountering something different. For her MRI, the doctor are looking for sign of Moyamoya Syndrome which I had lightly covered on previous post.

Just like any patient who has to go under general anesthesia, Sarah had to fast before her MRI which was at 9:30am. That was first obstacle to overcome because this little girl loves to eat and drink. One of her favorite words to say upon waking up is "I want to go to the living room. I want to eat something". I had already gave her a heads up that she can't eat and drink until after the MRI but still expected her to ask for water and snacks. Surprisingly, this wonderful girl didn't even requested for any, not even once.

Upon arriving to the Imaging Centre,  we were prepped rather swiftly. Although it was swift to me, it wasn't to Sarah so she was getting little impatient. Snacks always help tide this down but I can't rely on that.  

It took a little convincing for her to agree to wear the hospital gown. She kept saying "Let's go (somewhere else), Mama" so I told her, we can go after she wears the hospital gown and have her MRI. She said, okay. Sometimes. I forget she is 3 years old when she listens so well. 

I was also prepped and informed what was going to happen since it was the first time for the both of us. I knew the general idea but not the details so it really helped. I was told that Sarah was to sit on my lap as I hug her with her arms across her body. They will place the breathing mask on her to put her to sleep. I was told that I should expect some writhing which was normal. Once she was down, they will proceed with the MRI and update me when they are done.

'Bila macam gini', Mama nervous.

After a while, we went into what I assume a prep room or something. Good girl Sarah was again cautious but followed instructions, always making sure I was near and holding on to her. I let her look around the room and with the help from the doctor, she also introduced the things in the room. When it was time to put on the gas mask, Sarah was all ready to breathe in and out as we had practiced before hand. It was funny to see the doctor trying to make a conversation with her (I assume making her talk would encourage her to naturally breathe in and out the gas more) but she was all set and busy concentrating on breathing by herself as I see her chest goes up and down deeply.

Yes, she did writhed. It was almost scary although it was normal. Within minutes, she went down and saw the nurses carried her up on the hospital bed. I wanted to kiss her and as if the doctor read my mind, she asked me if I wanted to. The kiss was mostly for me. I kissed her and whispered "See you later, baby" Why do I sound so dramatic? It was just an MRI. But that's what happened. 

About 1 hour later, I heard a familiar cry. It was Sarah, crying and saying her famous words, "I want Mama!!!". I peeked around the corner to see the nurse carrying her. Once Sarah saw me, she reached out for me, bawling her eyes out. She uttered again "I want Mama" and after I told her I was here, she said "I want Bebe snacks"  'Anak aku pun.... Nasib dia cari aku dulu sebelum makanan.'

It was the most cranky I ever seen her. Her cranky episodes usually does not last very long but this time, due to understandable reasons, she was almost unconsolably crying out loud, even with one of her favorite snacks in hand. 

She was unhappy she still had her IV drip in her right hand, obviously still disoriented from the anesthesia and cranky from hunger. Sarah is generally a good girl. She is only cranky when too sleepy or hungry. After the nurse, took our her IV, I had to console her even more. Oh by the way, I was so grateful that they had those old school panel screens which the nurse used to block us for privacy. I can't stand people staring for whatever reason!

ANYWAYS, it took a while but eventually, managed to calm the little girl, made her say Thank you to the nurses and went to the changing room. She walked out with her snack in hand feeling much better. 

I was grateful Jhon had took the day off from work to be with us although he couldn't enter the hospital. Like I mentioned before in a previous post, he rather waited for us nearby rather than far away from home. 

Again, we didn't get to know the results until the next doctor's appointment along with her ultrasound results. My gut feeling says she is okay but life is all about expect the unexpected so we shall see how it goes until then.

Nothing But The Best Sleep With Origin Superior Coolmax® Latex Pillow

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When you see a bed, you will expect to see a pillow. It is simply a must-have for the ultimate good night's sleep. To be honest, during my younger days, I don't care much about pillows. As long as I have at least one and it is clean and fluffy, it is good to go! Growing up, I've always been using DIY pillows which my mom would lovingly make for the entire family. It is usually made of cotton cloths and natural cotton fibers for its filing. If you want a soft pillow, use less filling, if you want a firmer pillow, stuff it full.

But alas, old age is creeping up on me and my body does not tolerate well like it used to. I used to let my body swerve and slammed in rollercoasters and I was fine. Now, bending over to pick up something "wrongly", I might sprain my back. It also applies to my pillows.

Lately, I've been finding myself punching and fluffing up my pillow more than usual as I would wake up with a stiff neck. 

We all know the importance of a good pillow;

✰ It prevents or alleviates neck aches,

✰ tension headaches,

✰ encourages sleep quality,

✰ ensures proper breathing (may prevent snoring),

✰ alleviates acid reflux,

✰ prevent allergies ( pillow's filling or fabric can promote allergies)

This is where Origin Mattress comes into the picture. From Germany, Origin Mattress aim is to provide you highly comfortable yet deeply supportive, sleep you deserve at an affordable cost. Besides, mattresses, they also sell bed frames, mattress toppers and pillow. They also happen to be in The Best 8 Pillows in Singapore list by Bestinsingapore.com.

The Origin Superior Coolmax® Latex Pillow (SG$129) offers a responsive Latex foam support and is completed with a removable Tencel fabric pillow cover.

"Latex foam has a denser material as compared to memory foam or fibre. A Latex pillow moulds to the shape of your head which gives you the right level of sleep support. Latex materials are extremely durable with hypoallergenic properties that have lesser dust, bacteria or mould issues. It is highly recommended for people with allergies to provide a good relaxing sleep. Being impression-resistant, it can also hold its shape for many years while still feeling soft." - Origin Mattress

As I lay down on the pillow, there was definitely a significant difference with my own pillows. The Origin Superior Coolmax® Latex Pillow has the right ratio of firmness to provide the perfect support for our neck and heads and softness for the comfortability we need to fall asleep. 

It has a removable Tencel fabric pillow cover which helps with the pillow's longevity and easier cleaning. Not only Origin Superior Coolmax® Latex Pillow comes with a 2 year warranty, it also has 7-Day Free Return (self-return to Origin’s warehouse) if the pillow does not turn out to be what you expected.

If you are looking for a good and comfy pillow,

give  Origin Superior Coolmax® Latex Pillow a try at https://originmattress.com.sg/.


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