10km Walk to and fro East Coast Park

You read it right.

I asked Jhon out for a short walk in a park behind our neighborhood because I felt cooped up in the house. He asked me where do I want to go and I just told him anywhere lah as long as Sarah and I get to go out.

Well, he lead the way and unsurprisingly, (yes, we had done this before but it was before Sarah) we walked and walked and ended up at East Coast Beach all thanks to the park connectors. 

Sarah slept almost as soon as we left the house and insisted to be carried most of the time.
Why, Sarah, why!? Anyways, look at my make-up less face as I really didn't expect to end up further than 1km away from my home. Buruk but meh, for memory sake.

But someone's happy.

This was not the first time Sarah went to the beach but she surprised us. As soon as she saw the coastal line, she kept walking towards the water. If I didn't pretend to make a fuss about the waves crashing towards us (in a fun way), she would've happily walk into the water!

We've got some nice mother-daughter shots too which I love!

I got my walk alright. haha Since I was not wearing proper footwear, my feet did hurt but it was a good day. The 3 of us slept like a log that night. Next time, I rather be more prepared though. 

Life with Nur Sarah (Month 10)

This month's photo shoot was special as Sarah was in her Hari Raya outfit since she turned 10 months old within that period.

Bluek! But who really cares but me?

Sarah at Abg's house and we hanged out at their balcony for a while with their faux grass.
No issue for the girl.

Sarah with Opah, tak yah serious.

That's more like it.

The day Sarah had dragon fruit for fun and it didn't hurt to have her bowels cleaned as she was not a daily pooper like her mom. Oh yes, her poop was definitely of an interesting color. hahaha

Random things Daddy do.

Weekend jalan-jalan time! The stroller does help but as most kids do, she does not last long. She sometimes get tired from sitting and wanted to be carried. It was not so bad though because after a while, she would go back in the stroller.

We bought something for her head and nope, it was not this one.

Daddy and his donuts. hehe I always make a big fuss about his love for donuts but I don't complain when he buys extra for me. hahaha

Random gifts are the best!
These were given by Abg and Kak Yana.

An excuse to let her wear her other Hari Raya outfit. She looked so cute in it lah.

This girl is really a mixture of both of Jhon and I. Sometimes she does look like me and sometimes, she looks like Jhon.

Playground time before breakfast. I put her in the swing but being it was her first time, she didn't take it too well. Baby steps, ya?

Abg Jamil with Sarah, Shibly and Syihab. Manjaaa... 

This was the day I told Jhon I wanted to go out for a walk at the park behind our area and ended up walking 10km to and fro East Coast Park! I will blog a separate post on this because I find some of the photos taken there very special.

Things Daddy do... again.

This was kinda funny. It was especially hot and sunny on the day we went to visit Omah so I covered her stroller with her swaddle. After a while, I peeked in front to check her out and she was peeking outside like that. What is the point, girl??

I kept fixing the cover and she ended up giving up and succumbed to just peeking at the side. So pitiful like that.

Sarah's hair was getting longer too but it was at that stage where it was too short to be tied up but getting long and look messy. But either way, I am glad I get to put bows on her hair because she looks much more sweeter.

At this age, singing If you are happy if you know it and Bingo is fun because Sarah has understand of clapping hands and clapped at the right timing. She was also starting to sing or should I say hum to music too. She is growing well and fast! She was getting better with her naps, eats basically anything that tastes good and I am constantly geram with this girl. Now, I am facing a problem most mommies faces which is memory card on my handphone is getting full with photos and videos of her. 

Life with Nur Sarah (Month 9)

Month 9 was nothing but pure happiness and tongue sticking out fun.
Her monthly photo shoot usually takes 30 mins to 45 mins but this one took less than 5 minutes because she was photo ready for some reason.

I think like most parents, I just love taking photos of her sleeping. Every month must take one. hehe

Hitting 9 months means she was due for her 9th month assessment. It was mostly to check on her physic and if she was hitting her milestones. This time around, we went without Jhon because he was running out of leaves. It was just a quick check up anyways and it would be a waste to take leave from work.

Yet again, Soul Anoona was my saviour and sport shoes was a must.
I was so glad that Bedok Heartbeat was well-designed because everything was nearby and easily accessible. They had nursing rooms on every corner and floor but to my dismay, they removed their sofas! On.every.nursing.room! Wah! I was rather pissed and just sat on the counter while nursing Sarah.

Anyways, Sarah had more of less hit her milestones. Some faster than others while some a bit behind like how she still has not grown any teeth. haha I could tell her gums were hard but that was it.

Random shots when we were going out because she looked extra cute.

Sarah and Uncle Jamil.
She loves sitting on his lap too which was like an official statement that he was Sarah Approved. Yes, she still has stranger anxiety but it was not bad this month.

So, so cute! Jhon said he would laugh almost every morning while getting ready for work because Sarah's sleeping positions were just like mine. We both tossed around a lot and slept in unflattering positions; mostly starfish with 1 leg awkwardly resting on top of a pillow. I didn't get to take photos of it because, well, usually, I was asleep too and either way, my boobs were always out from Sarah's night nursings.

Heading to Omah's house!
I had a series of bad body aches and couldn't baby carry her.

Fun time with Daddy. Sarah has been wormy; wanting to move around all the time. We were okay with it most times but sometimes it was like "Dah lah.. just play in one corner" haha
That was why we brought out her cot just to contain her.

Another bump on the head but there was no visual bump. Jhon gets concerned all the time but I kept telling him that she needed to get bumps now and again just to have her seasoned to it. The more active she gets, the more likely she is going to have accidents.

Pardon the messy cot, it's usually not this crazy messy and this was for her 1st morning nap.
But look! I caught her smiling in her sleep.

She finally fed herself at this age. I know she can but she just prefers to be fed like a boss. haha She favorite finger food was Baby Bites and Gerber Puffs.

Sarah with Kak Nadya.
I can't wait for these 2 to grow up and bond.

Gift Hamper from Hipp!
One of Sarah's favorite weaning pre-ready weaning food was from Hipp, specifically Fine fruits and Forest Fruits. I also love giving Sarah Forest Fruits because it helps with her digestion.

Oh, Sarah officially learned to walk! I've always known she will be fast in learning to walk. She step confident if we are holding her hand and she can take several steps on her own provided she didn't get too excited.

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My not-so-elegant baby, again, she gets this from me. I used to sit like this while on the computer when I was younger. 😁

Powder + water fun time because this girl keep getting heat rashes mostly on her neck.
We were just being playing on this night and just wanted to surprise Jhon.

I had a video on this.
She was so smart. She knows how to get out of this Bumbo seat at Mak's place. I used this to contain her to one place but for all I know, she would get up side ways and escape.

Daddy recliner.

Omah Bed.
It was a rare moment. She was 50-50 with Mak. Sometimes she would be sociable with Mak and sometimes, Mak can't even touch her.

She climbed on the box by herself and look at face!

Kopek face.

I don't know how she did that pout. She does that to a point it covers her nostrils which would make her unable to breath for a few milliseconds. I later found out she got it from Jhon.

Hari Raya came and went quick.
You may read about them here and here.

She was wearing my inner here and she fit her somehow. haha

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Ending this post with us celebrating Father's Day in McDonalds pulak. haha
this time, daddies get laminated cards. We were supposed to get 1 but somehow we got 3 haha.