#zurjonWeds - The Wedding Event (part 2)

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For the final outfit, Jhon wore his cream Filipino Barong Tagalog while I wore my cream gown to match.

Dann's Entertainment played our requested song of Minamahal Kita by Paroyka Ni Edgar. We had someone told the DJ so as soon as before we passed the arch, they announced us and played the music.

We straight away went to our wedding cake for cake cutting. Our DJs called out to everyone to gather around the cake and we commenced.


Since everyone was already up front, we also did our thank you speeches. I was supposed to say first and then Jhon but I panicked and let him go first instead. He was also kanciong abit so his speech was a little terabuh. haha

This is also the last moment we cried, thanks to me. Seriously, my speech wasn't not that empowering or touching lah, but I think everyone knows and felt my sincerity. What was 'funny' was that as I cried, everyone was crying or teary eyed too! I was telling Jhon my speech was so good, can become president. hahaha

I'm not going to post my crying face because it's ugly. More ugly than my too happy, gusi/gigi terkeluar. huehuehue

The DJ's and then asked us questions such as where, how we met and what we felt. It was hilarious. Now everyone knows that the first time Jhon saw me was on my first day at work in the office and he felt butterflies and all that jazz. As for me, I felt NOTHING. hahahaha

More photo taking afterwards.

I requested for us to take photos of all these kids but Jayden and Irfan was cranky. That's why Loi and Kakak got into the picture.

We had our standard big family photo and that's why it got really funny. The DJ played Tukur Tukur from the movie Dilwale and everything went crazy. You can see a video on the post where I reviewed Dann's Entertainment but here are the photos.

After the  dancing and more phototaking, we did our final round around the area. We personally went to the guests table, said hello, our thank yous and selfies. I know we probably salam the same people so many times but the elders love and appreciated it because we did it the 'proper' way.

Jhon's idea to take pictures of the vendors because he appreciates them that much.

In this picture, Fad from VideoSmith, Cik Normie & Pakcik Amrie from Nurie Creations, Abg Hamdan & wife from Dann's Entertainment, Mr Lim from Invogue Photography and Kak Dee from Versari Ade. I basically had reviewed every vendor and even tok kadi except for Videosmith because we still haven't receive our wedding video which is understandable. Click on #weddingtalk to read all the reviews.

And that's about it. Our wedding with my best memory of it. Sure, there are a little imperfections here and there but we've let it go. One thing for sure, we had a great time and the emotional rollercoaster was definitely something to talk about.

I wish I can more wordy and descriptive about my feelings but this is just how I am. All those other memories and feelings will always and forever be kept in my heart. Thank you everyone who has been with our wedding journey since day one and that includes all my readers.

Thank you for all your doa, well wishes and compliments. If there is any topic you want me to cover, feel free to drop a comment or email and I will try my best to share information and my thoughts.


  1. Hi babe! I love your blog. So informative 😊😊😊 do you mind me asking.. understand that you hired Nurie creations as ur caterer. Did they also do your decor? Your decor was beautiful!! Thank you 😊

  2. Sorry can reply to this one instead abt my query rgd decor? Forgot to tick notify me just now if you reply!

    1. Hi Nabilah, I didn't use Nurie Creations' decor. I engaged Wed'Inc Petals for decor. Thanks for your lovely compliments.