Shopping Day with the Tolentinos

In continuation of the big family dinner post, the next day, I went out with Jhon's family. It was 2 days before our big day and we are out and about. Technically, I should be at home, handling the tentage, decor people and such but I have no choice. The outing is a wedding related errand.

The thing was, I had already ordered outfits for Jhon's Mom (Ma) and Sis (Loi) from Poplook for our wedding. Everyone was to wear a shade of pink/purple of their own preferred design. The colors will vary but it will be a family color. Jhon's Dad (Pa) and Jayden will get their top/ outfit in Singapore.

Unfortunately, when they arrived and tried the Poplook outfits, Ma's top was too tight so Loi gave her top to her. Which means, Loi has no top to match her long skirt which in turn, we had to take an extra side trip to Geylang. All I can say is that it was a long and tiring day.

The good thing was, they get a little more sight seeing, from our place, Changi City Point to Geylang. The bad thing was we don't have personal transportation so it's going to be tiring especially for Ma who is still sickly.

First stop was Changi City Point to look for Pa's dress shirt. We also ended up doing some personal shopping. It's an outlet mall so yeah, we let them go crazy. Everyone had 1 pair of Nike sport shoes, even Jhon's bro, Paul and BIL, (Paolo) who were in the Philippines. That's not to mention a haul at Cotton On. lol Once in a while, boleh lah.

Checking out and feeding the Koi fishes.

On the way to Gelyang Serai for Loi's top & Jayden's baju kurung.

Loi is slimmer and TALLER than me. So she experienced the typical, outfit fits well but sleeves too short or sleeves just right but outfit too loose. In the end, I told them, we just buy a dress lah.
My thinking was if she wore a traditional top and the sleeves are short, it looks weird but if the sleeves are short for a dress, it's fashion lol. Plus, I have those outfit cinch thingy for her to borrow.

Jayden also got a pair of baju kurung at Joo Chiat. He looked so freaking cute lah!

The story of the stroller.
I told Jhon to tell his family to bring a stroller so it's easier to jalan-jalan but he didn't. On the day itself, I offered Abg's stroller (not been used anymore anyways) and they all were confident, can handle and carry Jayden as we went out. -_- Those who ever went out with kids can relate right?

I had to actually convince them to listen to me that it's going to be useful! Budak tu dah berat macam guni nasi. Boleh ke jalan satu hari? Nak shopping kan senang?? (lol rant) Obviously, he gave in and everyone was grateful for the stroller. Ah kan... nasib dengar cakap (rant belum habis). That stroller can fit in 3 of my nephews when they are roughly the same age but with Jayden, he fills up the entire space. lol

After Geylang, Jhon parted ways with us to collect our wedding photo shoot photos while I sent the family home. They came over for a while after dinner to sibuk2 with wedding stuff. Poor things, they were tired so I let them end the day early after Jhon henna Loi's hand.

Sneak Preview of their outfits!

 While waiting for the bride and groom, Jayden wear's a singlet first.



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