Our Wedding Itinerary

Wedding itineraries are important nowadays since Malay weddings are not as standardized like the past. Every wedding is different in terms of number of guests, location, duration, types & number of cultural practices and more.

Having an itinerary, whether basic or detailed, helps inform everyone with the coming and goings of your wedding. This is to avoid confusion, delay and also with plenty of people aware of your schedule, the more efficient your wedding will be. With that said, so many things can happen at the same time and anything can happen so please know that it's okay if you stray a little from the itinerary. Use it as a guide and don't panic if everything does not falls into place to the minute.

The people who would benefit your wedding itinerary are the photographers, videographers and mak andam so they know what should happen next in terms of timings and event cues. Giving your DJ a copy too is helpful so they can announce to the guests your entrance, timing for an outfit change and more with confidence.

Before I share my itinerary, please note that it is based on/ for:

❣ Basic guideline
❣ 500 pax guests
❣ 1 day wedding
❣ Combined Wedding
❣ Has Malay traditional aspects
No Bertandang (no visiting other venues)
Has berarak/ hadang with live kompang
❣ No photography/ videography shoot after event

First is the contact list. This is for everyone but mostly for the family. Just in case there is a need to call for a certain vendor, they don't have to ask the bride and groom for numbers and such. I also gave the list to the DJ just in case they need to make an announcement or want to make an intro of our vendors. I didn't expect the latter but I will explain more when I review our DJ.

Next, is the itinerary itself which I divided into 2 parts for easy reference. Note again that my itinerary is basic because I personally think it's not necessary to be so detailed. But to each it's own, ya? I also have a copy of a detailed one from another BTB if you want but this is mine.

Alhamdulillah, We managed to follow the itinerary as close as possible with 15+/- minutes difference. In fact, throughout, we had a few minutes of 'open' time when we were not taking pictures with anyone. We were just sitting on our pelamin, enjoying the moment, listening to music, looking at the guests enjoying their food and chit chatting. We even managed to go up to end the event right on time if not a few minutes earlier. Mostly thanks to our DJ who had followed our itinerary closely and constantly made announcements of our event cues.

What I find helpful too is to give a family list of names to the DJ so they can call out your family members just in case they are in need for photo taking or simply and introduction to everyone. Basically, the DJ can not only recognize your family but also know how to address them.

Optional is also give relative's family names to DJ for photography sessions and to have things in order. We didn't have that though because who are ready & have assembled to take photos, take photos lah. No need to waste time call this mak cik, that cousin to assemble.


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