Missing Philippines...

It has been 6 days since I came back from Manila and everything in Singapore looks and feels different. It might be a little bit of the effects the holiday bug or something deeper. All I know, this holiday trip is definitely extra special.

[picture taken at Tagaytay Picnic Groove]

This is what I posted in my FB (with grammar corrections =p)

From eating balut and other filipino cuisine, black sand beach, belated birthday picnic by a volcano, Christian church wedding, rural & city experiences and constant pampering by Jhon's family, Philippines will always have a special place in my heart. I am missing them already...

Jhon and I have a lot of pictures to go through so bare with us. I will slowly post small batches of pictures as we go. =)

I can't to share with all of you.



  1. It must be very good over there that you are missing Philippines

    1. It was. It was better than expected. Despite of the heat, everything and everyone was perfect. =)