Souvenirs from Philippines

No holiday trip is complete without souvenirs!

I was very lucky because when I exchanged my Singapore Dollars to Philippines Pesos, it was the highest so far which was 33.95. I remitted my money to Jhon's account in Philippines because it was easier and it has a higher exchange rate compared via money changers.

Everything I bought on average was less than SGD10 and I think the highest was less than SGD15. Not only that, most of the items there are more of my taste so I kinda went crazy. hehehe

I will blog the outings in detail in a separate post so this post is dedicated to only bought items. hehehe

Here the items I got!

On the first day at Market Mall while Jhon looked for a Barong Tagalog for his cousin's wedding, I also went shopping.

Shirts Galore! Plenty of imitation but good condition items at ridiculously low prices.

For my Dad, Bro, Sis, Abg Jamil, SIL and BIL. Unfortunately, the sizes are 1 size smaller even though they were sized L. So most of the men's shirts was given to my sis. Lucky her!

Of course, how can I not forget the kiddos? Outfits for Shibly, Syihab and Irfan!

My mom is all about bags! She specified the size she wants and the imitation HERMES bag was my first buy of the day. It was bargained from 300 pesos to 275 pesos. It was SGD8!! Puma bag was for Abg Jamil and it was about the same price. =D

Looks like a random item but I bought this for photography projects! DIY ring light!

Don't know what I am talking about? It's to achieve this effect. ;)

Next day, Jhon brought me to Malls of Asia which is the biggest mall in Asia! We only explored maybe 1/4 of the place and I managed to bought quite a number of touristy items.

Fizah and family is never forgotten. Most items bought today was for them.

Found awesome quality shirts at awesome price! These are for the kiddos again. I can't resist them!

For the men from my family, Fizah's family and Jhon.

I bought myself a top and 2 original Marvel Comics shirts for Jhon. Avengers was the in thing so yup...
Oh yeah, and an umbrella which is not here.

We went to Subic Bay on the third day and I got myself a wooden coin container. I was a sucker but it looked nice!! Jhon's uncle even contributed several coin pesos inside. hehe

At Tagaytay I went all touristy again! Bought a shirt and another bag for my mom, similar bag for my sis and shirts for myself. I love the bags because they were a good buy. Really good quality with leather straps for just under SGD10. Oh! And magnets. lol I told you I was all touristy!

On the same day, I still had a lot of cash left so we went to a mall nearby Jhon's place and I shopped for myself. YES! For the first time, I bought for myself more than 1 item during a vacation! lol! I love the shirts that I bought because the cutting of the shirts compliments my body even though it's just a shirt. I also bought 1 bottle of Cetaphil because it was $10+ cheaper there.

Not only that, Jhon's sweet mom crocheted vests and shawls for me!! She did one shawl before I arrived and made another one while I was staying over. She did it in 2 days! I didn't take a photo of the other one but perhaps I will do a shoot with with her shawls. =)

While at the airport, I also managed to buy a pair of slippers. No photos but you can trust me when I say it's pretty. =P

And the last souvenir I want to share with you is.....

Ignore the fact it looks like I have flabby arms but yup! Known for being clumsy, I always bring home some sort of bruise. I got this at Tagaytay as I did Superman Zipline. haha The best is still falling down a flight of stairs at Bangkok =P

So that's it! My souvenirs from Philippines. I arrived with a small luggage bag and departed with a large luggage bag with a hand carry sports bag. lol So technically Jhon and I exchanged luggage.

I had never shopped this much even in Singapore! lol



  1. all the souvenirs are gorgeous!Love it.:)

  2. i'm glad you enjoyed your stay in the Philippines! :)

    1. I did and can't wait to visit again. =)