The Day We Rented a $2K Camera Lens

Camera: Nikon D5000
Lens (rented): Nikkor 70-200 F2.8 VR 2
Photographer: Jhon Tolentino (My boyfriend lah lol)
Location: Pasir Ris Park

One of the best shots we have ever taken on that day. There are other photos but Jhon have not gone through it yet. It's actually a photo shoot of the 2 crochet shawls his mom gave to me. So watch this space!

It's sharp, it's clear and it's heavy. I had my hands on the lens and I am not kidding with the weight! Who needs to lift weights for biceps when you carry around 1+kg lens around.

We rented the lens from Camera Rental at $60 per day.

Was it worth it? YES! 

But would we buy it? NO. Unless we wish to start a business in photography or got filthy rich with loads of money to spare, why not? $2K is a lot of money for just a lens although it does do wonders in a picture.

Anyways, there is no point in getting such high end equipment when our knowledge with photography is borderline. At least we manage to have a test of the lens and perhaps we can rent again for really special occasions. If not, we will just stick with what we have. =)


  1. Wow!Beautiful macro with such a good lens

    1. Thanks Thomas. Actually, it is more of a zoomed photo =)

  2. nice shot! :)
    yeah, that lens is so heavy, it's like lifting up the dumbbell but give the best result :)

    1. I agree and can get great muscles while getting great shots. =D