SUNPLAY Super Block SunScreen + Contest for Readers

Do you like outdoor activities but don't wish to get tanned and skin damaged?

Then you are just like ME! I prefer going out in the morning/noon, I love the beach and trekking but these outings makes me stand under the sun for long periods of time and it will damage my skin. And I happen to the type of girl so prefer to stay fair and particular about the condition of my skin.

This is where SUNPLAY sunblock the No. 1 sunscreen brand in Japan comes in. Specifically, SUNPLAY SUPER BLOCK which has the HIGHEST SPF of 130 PA+++! In another words, it will give you the highest protection from the sun.

What is so special about SUNPLAY SUPER BLOCK besides its crazy high SPF?

Its texture is light like water and non-greasy unlike other suncare products and it does not clog pores! Applying is a breeze because it's not thick in consistency and light on my skin which allows me to apply it on my face before applying make up.

Most importantly, it has newly patented SOLAREX-3 Technology that fights 3 signs of skin damage!

My favorite is the protection from aging! hehe

It comes in a compact bottle ready to go in your bag and I have my share of experiences with sunscreens and in my opinion, this is the best I have tried so far. Get yours in stores for S$17.20!

Still undecided?

Click here [] to redeem the free Sunplay travel size sample on Sunplay’s Facebook.

Crave for more?

There is also a contest on Sunplay's Facebook page. The lucky 20 readers to post “I Love Sunplay because...” on Sunplay’s Facebook wall [] stands a chance to win prizes sponsored by Sunplay. The contest will end on 10th June at 2359 hours and winners will be announced on the following day, Monday 11th June at 1500hours.

Now, I am going to post a picture of my awesome sandcastle because I am proud of it! It is the most elaborate sandcastle by hand I ever made. haha 

That's all! Always remember to wear sunscreen!


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