The Wedding Night

Now, now... Before you perverts jump into conclusion, I am not going to talk about MY wedding night. I am just going to talk about it in general. After all, how can I say I like to talk/write about anything and everything by not talking about it?

Contrary to common belief, the action under the sheets are not always done on the wedding night itself or it's wrap up to be. Here are the different scenarios:

💑 Too Tired to Try
Wedding functions can be tiring. It's tiring ever since the planning itself, let alone the big day especially if the big event lasts for days. By the end of day, the couple maybe filled with happy memories but no doubt, as soon as they hit the bed, it's knock out time.

💑 Been There, Done it Couple
This one is obvious, there are couples who have done the deed. It could be just another night for them or maybe it's a little special because they are consummating as a husband and wife.

💑 Together but Separated
Due to certain situations, the newly wed couple may not able to even end the night together side by side on the bed. For example, my situation, where Jhon's family stayed over at his place and since there wasn't any extra room, I continued to stay at my place until they went back home to the Philippines.

But since we had a staycation at Sentosa with the family 2 days later, I would say our first time alone in bed was there and then.

💑 Never Been Kissed/Touched
I know, it's rare but there are still couples who managed to maintain their purity throughout their relationship. Let's be real, majority of us have at least had some sort of hanky-panky (even if it's limited to kissing) enough to spark fires. So the wedding night is a perfect time to release all that build up tension. BUT for the untouched, the wedding night is probably full of giggles and embarrassment. Usually, it will take a days or weeks to even do the deed.

💑 The Flop
This is the moment both of you've been looking for. The big bang, but it didn't work out. Perhaps it was too painful for the lady or the man rushed too quickly to the finish line. Don't be upset. Start it slow and communicate.

Whatever the scenario is, enjoy every moment of your time. When it comes to personal desire and preference, it's best to voice it out. It helps to make an effort even if it's a little bit. You shouldn't feel forced and the situation should feel natural.

Meanwhile, have fun! hehe


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