Balik Kampung.... Oohhh... Balik Kampung...

We had booked for our trip to Philippines! Every year, Jhon would go back to hometown for a week or so for family bonding and since we are married, it's a trip for 2.

The last time I visited Philippines was 4 years ago and 5 years next year when our trip will be; late January to be exact.

We always liaise with Fil Air Travel and Tours (not sponsored ah lol) because it's less stressful. Plus, sometimes travel agents have special promotions so we got S$100 off which we wouldn't if we had bought online.

It is to also coincide with his grandma's big birthday party.
Mak was greatly invited to follow but due to unforeseen circumstances, she can't which is unfortunate especially after watching her and Ma got so close.

I simply can't wait because I've officially been bitten by the travel bug since Cambodia and if I have plenty of excess cash, there's where I would splurge on!

I crave for adventure and exploration even if it's a tiny one.


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