Philippines 20th - 24th Jan 2017

I went to Philippines again but this time, as Jhon's wife.  It's Jhon's (and now mine) yearly visit to his family and this year is extra special because we are also celebrating his grandma's 90th birthday. The grandma who has been taking care of him during his childhood. They are so close that it would be shame if we missed it.

Our trip fell on 20th to 24th Jan 2017. It's considered as a 5 day trip because our flight there was at 12 midnight. Frankly speaking, the entire trip was mostly a family bonding trip in a sense there were no sight-seeing like the trip we had years ago.

It's more of a spending time at home with the entire family just like what Jhon would do when he visits by himself. I didn't complain because I was not in a mood to roam so much either (this will make sense eventually). We did go out everyday but in the late afternoons to the malls nearby though. We got our shopping mood on, mostly buying stuff for Jayden and the kids in Singapore besides a couple of snacks.

This is the family's mini shop. It looks squeez-y but if you are at an average size, it's actually just nice and comfortable. Their shop opens day 'till night selling random items from snacks to top-up cards to alcohol. Yes, it was tempting to just reach in and grab something for ourselves but Mr. Jayden seems to have no problem doing so without guilt. He is a kid after all.

Even now, the words "Pabili" still resounds in my ears because that's what everyone would say at the shop saying that they wanted to buy something.

Akira with cropped Coco because I don't like her. HMPH!

I love to see the kids playing old-skool. Things like these, you will only see in old Singapore. Not in the new Singapore with fancy gadget and indoor playgrounds.

It was really nice to spend time so simply with Jhon's family. Since day one, they have always been nice, lovely and accommodating. The family dynamic was amazing and it was almost like watching a commercial of a perfect family. I was constantly reminded where Jhon gets his amazing character daily. I truly hope when we make our little family, it would just like his.

I'm not going to blog so much about the trip since like I said, it's not a trip filled with sight-seeing adventures. We just have some pictures taken randomly.

I will write an entire special post about Grandma's or Inang's birthday party because there are plenty of photos and she deserves it.

Oh, Jayden has been such a charmer. They way he calls out for everyone or even when he says "no". He is absolutely cute. Granted, he has his cranky moments but other than that, he's an angel. I can't even go upstairs to my room without him getting upset. He would randomly hug and kiss me and not to mention wants to sit and play with me as much as possible.

Saying goodbye to the family was sad, of course. Ma kept clinging on me as we walked to the airport from the carpark. She didn't want to let me go even though I felt was not very hands on but I've must've done something right. Hehe


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