Singapore From the River

This is part two from Views from the Singapore Flyer.

After lunch, it started to drizzle so we bought an umbrella and walked to Merlion Park.

The boat was nice and there is an open area at the back. Naturally, Jhon and I choose the seats there so we can have a clearer view to take pictures. 

It's nice to see the Singapore River and landmarks at a different point of view. It was refreshing and new.

The duration of the ride was 1 hour which I think was enough before it gets boring. 

Jhon and I took a break at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, walked around and headed home. Silly Jhon forgot to fully charge his camera so we missed out a few interesting spots to shoot. Perhaps we should come again to explore more. 



  1. Hello Zzany! Love your blog! Interesting posts!
    I also love your photos. What camera and lens do you use? Keep 'em coming!

    1. Thank you very much! It is an old D5000 with a Nikkor 50mm F1.8G
      I just came back from a long holiday trip so more pictures to come! =)

  2. wow, good for you! and thank you for the reply. am looking forward to your holiday pics. hope you upload them soon. :)