Philippines 2012 Day 1 - Market Mall

The flight Jhon and I took was Cebu Pacific and it was at 1.30am. We did our final packing after work, rested and off we went to Changi Airport.

We have never been to the Budget Terminal before so it was a blur for us but we managed to find our way. Jhon and I tried to sleep throughout the journey but it was hard to get comfortable and it didn't help with a bratty kid whining away.

We arrived Manila airport at about 5am and as we walked to the lobby, I could see Jhon's dad big warm smile as he waved at us. I could do nothing but grin and little did I know it would be the start of a wonderful, sweet vacation that I will never forget.

To our surprise, Jhon's mom was in the van to pick us up too (she was diagnosed with Colon Cancer like my dad last year and is with a stoma bag) and off we went to Jhon's house in Pasig. Manila was HOT, mostly humid and the place reminds me of Malaysia in some ways. We were lucky that traffic was not bad that morning so we managed to reach Pasig in less than 45 minutes.

Jhon's house was still under (self) renovation but the main parts of the house was done. It is going to be a 3 storey house and currently, it is just a 2 storey house. Embarrassingly, within just a few minutes of entering the house, my sinus got the best of me and I started to sneeze like crazy. It was because Jhon has 5 cats and 1 dog roaming the house. The dog was chained (to protect her from evil neighbors) so at least I can roam around the house too. hehe

We were given breakfast and I took a short nap before we officially start our day in Manila.

After my nap and guess what? Food again! This time for lunch. 

Jhon's mom's friend cooked this certain dish that I REALLY LOVE! It's called "Relyenong Bangus"
I don't know why I didn't take a picture of the entire dish (actually, most pictures taken today were crappy lol no excuse for that) but trust me when I say it looks good and tasted awesome.

It was a steamed milk fish that has been de-boned, cooked with minced carrots, potato and salted egg. It was then put back to the fish with skin wrapped and lightly grilled.

After lunch, we got ready to head out to find Jhon a Barong Tagalog (Traditional Pinoy outfit) for his cousin's wedding.

Street outside the house. 

Jhon, his dad and I went out to take a cab to Market Mall. Which is technically a big market that sells wet and dry goods along with clothes, shoes, toys etc.

The place is very big but sectioned off very well so the place was well organised.

Jhon and his dad choosing a design and bargaining. Jhon has a size problem like all tall and slim people do. Size S fits well but lengthwise, it's too short while M is a tad big but his sleeves fit well. He got his Barong Tagalog for 1200 pesos (SGD35)

After that, we roamed around the place and there were a lot of good stuff to buy at a very cheap price. I bought mostly shirts for my family and kids and a couple of bags. They even sell imitation branded bags at crazy prizes. I bought an imitation HERMES hand bag for my mom at SGD5 and PUMA at SGD8.

We didn't spend much time there because I am a fast shopper and believe me when I say I bought a lot of stuff!!

By the time we reached home, it was 4pm. I spent the rest of the day, mingling with Jhon's family, hanging around the house and street just to absorb the surroundings.

By 5pm when it is not so humid, kids started to come out to play. Jhon gave me a heads up before that it would be noisy but I thought it was a good kind of noisy... Like chalet time noisy so it was okay. Today I also received the best compliment ever because Jhon's dad's best friend thought that I am 20-22 years old! bwahaha! #successkid

Poor Sandy on the 2nd storey peeking in.

We spend the rest of the day chit chatting and watched local game shows. 

And at about 9pm, I heard a man shouting. Who was he? The Balut man!

Every one got excited because they knew I have intentions of trying it so they bought 5. I was definitely not ready!! It was only my first day in Philippines so I just can't shove my face with a semi-developed duck! urgh!

I simply grinned while every one showed me how they ate balut. Jhon offered me a sip of the juice so I will know how it roughly tastes like and I did, it tasted weird and almost foul =P

And that is how I ended my first day in Philippines, a taste of balut juice in my mouth as I sleep for the night. 



  1. Wow! you took a great experience at this Philippines trip.

    1. It's only day one. The best is yet to come!