How the Filipinos Peel Their Coconuts

I love coconut juice, especially when it is fresh from the coconut itself. I love drinking it on hot days as it cools me down almost immediately. 

Coconut meat is the next best thing when it's sweet, tender and soft but it can be a chore sometimes as you try to shovel out the meat when it's a little tough. I can't tell you how many times I would break a plastic spoon over it.

There was one occasion when I broke my plastic spoon and as Jhon helped me scoop the meat, he told me in Philippines, there are coconut vendors who would cut the coconut all through to the meat and serve it with the meat intact with juice still inside! 

So all you get is a ball of coconut meat with coconut juice. All you need to do is poke in a straw, drink up and peel away the meat bit by bit and done!

When we planned to go Philippines, I knew it is one of the things I need to watch in action. It was the last day of our trip and Jhon was nice enough to take me out to a street near Ever Gotesco Mall at Pasig City. Along with his sis, Loi, we ordered 2 coconuts and watch the man in action.

How amazing is that?

The 'parang' aka knife must be very sharp to able to cut away the hard shell and the curved knife sure helps with cutting loose and cleaning up the meat.

Was it yummy? hmmm.. It was not the best I ever tasted but it sure did cooled me down in humid Philippines weather. =)



  1. A Filipino here. lol.. You had a wonderful story telling right there...
    Never thought the peeling of coconuts will make a good read. haha.. Kidding aside, I never paid attention to simple things like this (maybe because I always see this in my country). But I loved how keen you were on topics like the peeling itself. Kewl! =)

    1. aww.. thanks for the compliment, Jane. It is always amusing to see things that don't happen in your own country. hehe

    2. Hi Jane do you know what kind of knife he is using to peel the meat of?

  2. It is a buffalo horn knife. I got a set from Thailand