Firm Up Your Face with Japan Electric Ore Mask


I know I have posted a review
Electric Ore Peptide Firming Duo Lifting Mask 
before but it was along with other types of masks. So here is a chance for a more one on one review. =)

I have just turned 28 and although I have been told I am known to not look like one, I still have my share of fears on saggy skin especially on my face and neck area.

At a certain age, every woman will do this when they stare at themselves in the mirror. Not headaches but pulling the skin back to tighten the face.

This is where the Electric One Peptife Firming Duo Lifting Mask from LoveMore comes in.

The box comes with 5 packets of 3D masks drenched with ingredients that firms, revitalize dull skin, enhance moisture and increase skin elasticity; exactly what an aging woman needs. =P

Before putting the mask on, prep your face. Make sure your face is clean from make up or impurities and wear a hair band or scarf to make sure there is no hair would get on your face.

When that is done, put the 3D mask on your face, then pull in the 2 hooks on your ears and then another 2 from the chin to your ears.

With the 3D mask, it increases the lift effect on your face and neck while the juices does its work. You can feel the lift and tightness as you rest for 20 minutes.

After using the mask, my face felt undoubtedly tighter, firmer and smoother. With constant use of the mask, I will no longer worry about saggy skin. YEY!

Get yours now!


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  1. I do explore with new products esp mask for the face. The next time I am out shopping, will grab on of this mask to be tried out.