I used to care about birthdays and I used to be upset when the important people in the my life forget them. I am glad to say that I've grown from that. Instead of expecting people making a fuss, big or small over the day I was birthed or that my existence was appreciated, I took it as a day of extreme self-reflection.

But this year, I barely have time to do that because in just 11 days, I am getting married. I am actually too swamped with wedding related stuff that a resting moment is greatly appreciated. It's tough when you have to do everything yourself but I know, it's the way of the Great One of telling me I can and it's something I can be proud of after all is done and even in years to come.

I know it's just a stepping stone of what is to come as the dust settles.

At 32, I am still happy that as I try to be wiser and grounded, I don't allow the silly, cartoon loving me dies. I am starting a family real soon where I will be the second in command in a household.

32 is just not just a number, it is not a reminder how old I am. It's a reminder of how far I've come.

Happy Birthday to Me.


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