Mommy At 34

Hey, hey! It's that time of the year again.
I have turned 1 year older.

This year is a truly special year for me as it is the year I celebrate my birthday as a mom.

A mom at 34 years old!

This may be controversial to some but hey, that's what you call the wheels of fate and I had never questioned it. I supposed there are always questions of regret whether from others or ourselves.

Do I regret getting married at 32 and then become a mom at 34?

It's a mostly no answer.
Now I truly believe in everything happens for a reason under the hands of Allah.
I believe fate should not be forced.
Now I believe in whatever happens, it usually makes sense in the end.

I am definitely at my happiest point of my life. Despite it's rocky road, I am in a place I couldn't even think of imagining previously.

If being married and being a mom at an older age bothered me, I would probably in an unhappy & unsatisfied marriage with probably 2-3 kids. I'm glad I didn't settled.

Jhon and I worked very hard in our relationship (mostly fending naysers), family problems and not to mention financial issues. One thing we had worked for was security and we are truly contented to have that sense of stability, financially, mentally and emotionally while having Sarah in our hands.

It's not perfect or a text book family but it is ours.

Yes, being parents at an older age has it's drawbacks.
I do still have that same energy and childlike spirit. Unfortunately, physically, my body like to prove otherwise. I do try to keep fit or at least be energetic but days don't end the same way anymore. I do get more tired than usual. Previously less sleeping hours don't matter but now, I would be grateful to able to sleep for 4 hours of undisturbed sleep.

But it's really okay because I thoroughly know all that comes with being a mom and more ever at this age. I am still grateful because I wouldn't want it any other way.

At 34, with an amazing husband on my right and my adorable daughter on my left, I've never thought I would achieve this feeling of accomplishment, happiness and gratitude.

I feel like I am now the future Zura who can go back to the past Zura and tell her, "Everything will be okay, you WILL be truly happy and it WILL take time but it WILL be worth it"

Happy birthday to Me.


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