Birthday at Batam

I had been cracking my head thinking what could I plan for Jhon's birthday. We don't usually do big special surprises but I was in the mood even though I had bought him 2 gifts in advance.

On top of several other gift surprises, I told Jhon we are going to Batam for the first time (I know right?) for a 3hr massage from head to toe. He has always been complaining back pains for the longest time and I can only massage him 15-30 mins every night. So I figured, send him for it so I don't have to for a while and yes, I also kaypoh and joined in for a couple massage.

As mentioned before, it was a virgin trip for the both of us which was weird because Singaporeans love to go to and fro to Batam and here we are like mountain tortoises. Good thing was we are always up for 'adventure'.

I had booked the ferry tickets via BatamFast months in advance so when we reached Vivo, we had breakfast and simply waited...... at the wrong queue. hahaha Luckily we realized it on time but by that time, we were the last group to board even though we were 1-2 hours early. We didn't even had seats and kinda wanted to submit to just standing until one of the crew spread cushioned seat and we had a window view with seats where we can stretch our legs.

I had liased with Ngayon Hotel & Mansion for a pick up so it would be less stressful for us. Just alight and straight away to the hotel. We settled down for a while before headed to the nearby Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall for lunch before our massages at Spa Secret.

Since there was a delay upon arrival at Batam (mostly at the immigration centre), we didn't have much time to jalan-jalan. The mall has 2 areas, outer mall where people can smoke (yucks) and the inner mall where smoking is not allowed and the air-conditioning was cooler.

After our quick lunch at A&W, we crossed the street to Spa Secret. Thanks to Fizah for her suggestions of hotel, mall and massage parlor. hehe I was nervous lah because I don't like the idea of a stranger touching me while half-naked but after our massage at Cambodia (although I get to keep my bra), I was willing to go for it. Plus, I wanted to be with Jhon while he gets a massage.

Our full body massage was wonderful. It made our muscles relaxed. It could've been better if I didn't feel so exposed with my boobs out for the ladies to see and the masseuse to massage. haha As for Jhon, a more focused massage would be helpful.

Up next was our head and feet massages. I was so in loved with the head massages. The guys put a cooling and minty concoction on our scalp and hair while they massaged. I tell you, DAMN SYIOK! (Not only that, even after our hair was washed, the tingling feeling lingers) After the head massage, they moved on with our feet as our head was marinated. Unfortunately, only male masseuses for the head and feet massages so if you are uncomfortable, you have to give it a miss.

The feet/calves massages were okay lah. You know, they tend to do pressure point that hurt but you know it's good for you? It was a weird experience for me. The fact that it was a man handling my feet and that it was a roller coaster of tickles, pain and comfort for me. For Jhon, it was an unexpected delight for him. He never had his feet and calves massaged that way before so he was quite hyped about it.

After we got our hair washed, we still got treated with a quick shoulder massage. We got our hair blow dried. Just a heads up for the ladies, don't expect a blow out but they do provide hair styling services at a separate cost.

After our bodies felt all jiggly and refreshed, we crossed the road back to Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall for jalan-jalan and dinner. We bought a few stuff there, specifically, Jhon. There was a sale going on while we were there so Jhon managed to get an Adidas shoe for half it's price.

Eventually, we went back to the hotel, had our long deep sleep until the next morning.

For the first time in our holiday experiences, we woke up late for breakfast and it was the worst thing because buffet was almost empty and there weren't any ample seats to occupy. We ate what we could and spent the rest of the morning on our beds until check out time.

Since our ride home was at 4+pm we managed to jalan-jalan at Mega Mall Batam Centre which was literally opposite Batam Centre, the place we will be departing from. We ate 2 Roti O each and played at the arcade.

Before we knew it, it was time to check in and prepare for departure. This time, we were slightly wiser and tried to learn the kiasu ferry ways and try to adapt. We got great seats which in turned gave me great going home shots for the vlog.

Overall, we had a wonderful time. The spa was satisfying, the food was pretty good and albeit some mishaps here and there mostly due to our inexperience, it was an interesting mini adventure. We would definitely go again!


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