Notorious with Russell Peters

Over the weekend, Jhon, Fizah and I went to the Singapore Indoor Stadium to watch Russell Peters - Notorious 2012 World Tour.

We have been laughing at his jokes via YouTube and it's time to do it with him in person. Buying the tickets was a frantic experience because his shows from other countries usually gets sold out in a matter of minutes! So how can I not panic? But all is well, since I got my hands on the tickets in the end.

Jhon had a bowling tournament in the morning so we met Fizah at around 6:30pm for dinner at Pastamania. No doubt, most of the patrons will be going for the Russell Peters shows.

Jhon and I don't look our best because Jhon has a running nose and had a long day from bowling while I was fighting a bad case of a flu. I had fever last night and still feeling unwell.

Despite of the queue at Pastamania and crowds at Kallang Leisure Park, when we entered the Indoor Stadium, it was quite tame inside. I guess everyone is trying to get their dinner before getting in like we did.

I was worried that we didn't get good seats but it was pretty good. We were pretty happy with it.

The opening act was Joey Medina and boy was he hilarious! I was somewhat distracted by his beer belly but he definitely gave a good warm up for Russell.


Russell Peters was as expectantly comical and entertaining. He poked fun of several audience members such as the 14 year old boy who masturbates too much, Rohit who attended the show alone, the old white man with young Filipina and more. This is why we don't wish to sit in the front row (besides the fact that it was expensive) =P


It was the best Russell Peters experience we ever had. I just wished Jhon and I was not sickly that day.


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