Philippines 2012 Day 2 - Mall of Asia

[for Philippines Day 1 - Market Mall, click here]

Our day 2 in Philippines is another relaxed day. I woke up at 8am which is the time my body naturally wakes up but Jhon’s family woke up earlier! Like 4-5am! His parents casually asked Jhon if Singaporeans always wake up that late but little did they know, an average Singaporean wakes up at 11am and 8am is considered early. Haha

We had breakfast and laze around until noon to visit Malls of Asia, the biggest mall in Asia. Getting ready was frustrating because Philippines was crazy hot and humid and imagine trying to put on make while your pore are HUGE and sweating away. sighs..

I thought it would be just a day out with Jhon and his sis will join us later after work but Jhon’s dad insisted that he follows to ‘protect’ us. It was very sweet of him but I feel really bad because he had to follow us around as I shop.

When you see this, you know you are near the Malls of Asia.

We roamed and I shopped. I shopped and shopped and shopped.

Most of the items in the mall are rather cheap but brands that can be found in Singapore like Top Shop, Marvel, Mango and etc are more or less the same price.

Jhon’s dad is forever smiling and would chuckle if I leave a shop empty handed which was plenty of times. He noticed if I like at least an item, I will go all out in the shop if not, I’m hands free. He found that amusing for some reason.

Half way through, we took a break to rest and took a quick bite.

I asked Jhon’s dad an obvious question jokingly “Are you tired?” He gave me the nicest smile and replied “Don’t worry about me, you just enjoy yourself” wahh.. Now I know where Jhon get his nice and accommodating character from.

Jhon’s sis called a while later saying that she can’t leave work so we continued roaming/shopping a little more.

The Avengers was already out in Philippines so their toys are showcased at the mall.


We also checked out cars because his dad was considering getting one.

Oh yeah! I brought brownies! It was because I tried brownies from Max before and it was awesome so I wonder all brownies in Philippines that great. (Never been a fan of brownies so this is really something special), more on that later. 70 cents each! fuwar!

So we eventually went home and mind you, we probably only explored 1/3 of the mall! -_- I need days to thoroughly scope this mall and I am a fast shopper.

When I got back home, the first thing I did was taste the brownies. They were superbly delicious! My favourite was Rocky Mountain. The texture of all the brownies are soft and tender and the sweetness were just nice; not to sweet, not to bitter. HEAVEN! I actually finished the ¾ of the box and that is a feat because I am not crazy about chocolates.

So we rested for a while, took pictures of my buys for the day [click here to find out] and checked out the street outside the house.

If only life is this simple. Breakfast, shop, eat tasty deserts, dinner and watch the kids play outside minus the heat. =P Cold showers have never been so heavenly until I stayed in Philippines.

Night 2 was also the night I ate Balut!!! Click here to read about my experience.

Anyways, Jhon’s family were so accommodating! They knew we were struggling with the heat even with a ceiling fan in the room so they bought another fan for us, A standing fan to cool us while we sleep.

Not only that, they know I am vain and take quite some time getting ready using a mirror so they bought a long mirror just for me. Feel the love!

The next day, a Pinoy Christian wedding!



  1. Nice write up on your Philippines trip. I will be looking forward to the next post. :)

  2. it's always interesting when you're able to feel and live the life in another country.

    1. True, especially when the country is completely different from ours. Great experience!

  3. it must great and fun to be in philippines yeah?
    i really want that brownies.. they're so appetizing! :)

    1. It was fantastic and it was just the beginning.
      The brownies were really delicious, I still crave for them... =(

  4. Yes! feel the love! that's Filipino hospitality, right there!
    I'm really glad you enjoyed your stay in the Philippines! time, we should meet! okay? haha! :p