Honeymoon Choices

The honeymoon the thing I truly look forward to after our wedding. Jhon and I had our share of travels together but we only had traveled alone once but I doubt it still considered as ‘alone’ because we visited his family in the Philippines so there was still ‘adult’ supervision if you know what I mean.

So at last, we can have a private holiday or vacation. It’s not for touchy-feely purposes eh? Okay, maybe part of it. Lol It’s just nice to finally travel with each other for once. We have fun with family trips but sometimes our preferred itinerary is not always the same as others.


Jhon and I like plenty of similar things and that includes travelling. We love landscapes, architecture, history, food, new experiences, new scenery, new cultures and a little bit of shopping.
Since day 1, I knew where I wanted to go. Turkey.

It has beautiful history of Islam, Catholic and Greek Gods. What comes with history is beautiful architecture, weather is cool/cold and the food! No need to worry about Halal food and I love my share of kebabs.

The problem is as months and years passed, there seemed to be more naughty groups creating chaos in Turkey. Initially, it was not that bad since the commotion is only near the borderline. We just need to avoid those places but recently, there was a bombing in Istanbul itself. SEDIH! I was so torn because I’ve been eyeing solely on Turkey (my mistake) and now it’s getting more and more dangerous. The stubborn me refuse to let go, the logical me said withhold.

Next, was New Zealand.

It would be the similar price range but 11 days cut to 6 days. New Zealand is known for their beautiful snow-capped mountains and natural scenery. They also have a little adventure here and there and we get to visit the Hobbiton movie set! Food may be a little difficult. We would probably eat only seafood there which is not a problem since they are known for their seafood!

I also wanted to go Japan.

April is a perfect season to see the Sakura flowers and the sushi. ALL that sushi! We were never hardcore in sushi like Unagi or those squid tentacles thingys but we sure love our salmon sashimi, Udon, Ramen, Teriyaki and Oyako don. Plus, it’s Japan. I don’t see the need to truly explain.

But what do Turkey, New Zealand and Japan have in common? Jhon need to get a Visa. For me, it’s no big deal. Just apply lor. There’s nothing we can do even though it’s tedious. Tell me, why do they need a bank statement for??? Annoying sey. I was told it’s even more leceh to get a Visa to go Japan if you are a Filipino.

So, our plan B is finding locations where he can go without a Visa. Err… besides Asian countries, the places available are pretty out there in terms of location and expenses. Places like Africa, Morocco, Peru (although I wish to go one day), Columbia, Israel, Coast Rica and more. Perhaps I will put up a post of the list with pictures for my fellow Filipino readers or who have partners/ friends who are Filipinos. I know now why you all 'hate' your passports. =/

The only places we can consider are pretty limited since we have to consider prices too.
Although we have no issue having an Asian country for our honeymoon, we had saved a lot of money so we want to go somewhere special. But if all fails, I don’t care, a vacation is a vacation. At this point, I am just being choosy.

So why not Korea?
My sis went to Korea for her honeymoon, I just don’t want to be the same lol. Childish, I know. But I think Jhon can only go through Jeju only.

Why not Maldives?
I would LOVE to go Maldives but the money I can spend for a 10 days trip at Turkey is immediately cut down to 3 days. Wut?

Why not Fiji?
Yeah, why not Fiji, JHON?? I am somewhat inclined to them because it does have factors I like. Adventure, nature, landscape, culture, beaches and more. It does cost a little bit more but better than Maldives in terms of itinerary. (I drafted this quite sometime ago and recently, Fiji was attacked by a typhoon)

Why suddenly so stressed ah? I also blame myself for wanting the 'special' honeymoon. But I don't want just a beachy-shopping trip leh... I want adventureee!!


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