Angono, Rizal, Philippines with Tita Lilia

Just in case you missed,
Philippines 20th - 24th Jan 2017
Inang's 90th Birthday in the Philippines

Tita Lilia's place has a special dedicated blog post for our 2017 trip in Philippines not only because we got to visit her and cousin's house, her location was way up a hill with a wonderful view.

Even the trip to her house was a mini adventure. We had to take the bus and tuk-tuk up a steep hill. The place was filled greenery and air was fresh. Jhon told me there was an experience when the tuk-tuk he took rode on it's hind wheels due to the steepness!

We spent most of our day in Tita Lilia's house. Chit-chatting and we got to eat her delicious Pancit (something like Bee Hoon goreng). She was so sweet because the day before at Inang's birthday, I wanted to eat the pancit served there but there was pork. So we made one without just for me. hehehehe

Jhon was also close with his cousin, Laarni so there were plenty photos of young Jhon with the family.

After lounging around, we headed further up the hill to the top so enjoy the view. Laarni was actually heavily pregnant so kudos for her to climb further up with no problem. Pregnant woman goals.

I don't know if you can tell in the middle of the picture is the highest point of the hill and on top of it is a church. Laarni actually got married there.

Jump shot! Yea... I faked it though. lol I got my reasons...

Couple shots!

Photos probably does not do the place justice but believe me when I said the place is pretty. It's so nice to live in such an area and waking up to such a scenery but the trip out of the area is leceh though. haha


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