My 1st (and last) Balut

Whenever one visit a different country, it is always encouraged to experience their sights, sounds and smells. Sometimes, people forget one more thing, TASTE.

In Singapore, visitors has to taste Chili Crabs and Durians and while in Philippines?

for this case, Penoy Balut where the duck is still it its early stages.

Penoy Balut was easily accessible in Philippines. In fact, every day, a guy would walk down Jhon's street selling balut.

I admit, I kinda cheated on my experience. On my first day, Jhon's family had bought balut. They were clearly excited for me to try but I told them I am not mentally ready yet!

But Jhon did offered a little sip of the balut juice so I have a rough idea on what it tasted like.

My verdict, it tasted a bit like an egg juice that is turning bad. haha

The next night, I announced to Jhon's family that I will eat balut properly! I know! I just described its juice that is turning bad and I still want to eat the entire thing!

I thought we would wait for the balut guy to pass but yet again, eager family wanted to buy it immediately so Jhon's dad went to a shop nearby and bought 4 balut for me and the rest of the family at 12 pesos each.

I was informed that balut tastes best with salt and spiced vinegar. See how well it was served just for me. lol

No, pictures of my facial expressions because Jhon didn't tell me that my hair was super poofy and unattractive. But believe me when I say I unleashed quite a number of facial expressions ala Jim Carrey.

The first thing you have to do to eat balut is crack open the part of the egg that has an air pocket which is the  rounder part of the egg. See my mouth... lol

Add a little bit of salt and drink up all the juices. I was generous with the salt so it was not THAT bad especially I already knew what it tasted like. After drinking the juice, peel away the rest of the shell and eat the egg.

Jhon's dad choose the egg for me (I told him to choose the smallest one for me) so I was somewhat lucky because the embryo was small but it was still not easy for me. Usually people eat it at one bite and gulp it down but I simply can't stuff one egg into my mouth!! 

The taste.

Different parts of the egg has different taste and textures... The yolk was okay, it tasted a little like any other egg although it still has this other distinct taste that I can't describe. The white part was inedible because it was hard.

The difficult part was the embryo (the black part). Starring at it DOES NOT HELP but I can't help it! The more I stared at it  the more I feel nauseated. You can see as it was clear as day, that it's an embryo of a duckling. It tasted soft and taste nothing like a duck or chicken and it's that part of the egg that would leave a funny taste in your mouth. The foul taste.

But I made a promise to myself, that I would eat the whole thing. 

So I did.

It was difficult towards the end but I did it! Jhon and family laughed and giggle throughout my entire ordeal. Good entertainment huh?

Would I eat balut again? NO! It would be my first and last time eating it. Unless it is served in a different way.

I've found this on the internet.. Balut served in an 'atas' way.

Then perhaps I will give balut another try. =P



  1. Replies
    1. haha It's part of the experience. At least I know and can say I've tried it. hehe

  2. I just watched a program on Discovery channel on balut and its looks so terrifying to me. In fact how balut is made was also soon. No way I will ever give a try to balut.

    1. I've watched shows on exotic foods and balut is always in the list. I never thought I would ever eat balut but when I started to date a Pinoy, everything changes. =)

  3. wow i didnt want to try the balut ever.. but i did sip also :X how courageous of you. and Im pinoy >< waaa

    1. hahaha You should try to eat it. It is one of your country food.

  4. I'm Filipino too and I don't eat balut! well, at least not the chick! eeeeh! you're very brave!

    1. haha thank you! I have to try it at least once.