Gay Regardless What

Last night while having Chapatti dinner at Tampines, Jhon and I saw a Caucasian guy with a transsexual. Besides the obvious, they were pretty much normal doing what everyone was doing, having dinner.

But I won’t deny that I stole several quick glances at the “lady”. Anyone would right? Usually I would only glance because I want to see how “natural” they look and be usually amazed at their makeup.

So while eating my delicious Chapatti with an interesting view. It came to me.

Why men think/say they are not gay when they are having sex with a transsexual (those who have not undergone 100% of the surgery)?

Even when you go to porn sites of lady-boys, you can see their ding-dongs hanging away and isn’t it the most profound attribute of a man?

The equation is simple.

Ding-dong + ding-dong = Gay

It is just for this case, the other guy looks like a woman. It’s like a gay manipulation.

To me, no matter how much they look like a woman, think or behave like a woman and sometimes but rarely sounds like a woman, does not mean they are a woman as long as they have the prolific ding-dong.

I can stick pubic hairs on a Longan and call it Rambutan but it is still a *pause for dramatization* a LONGAN!

A man is still a man with his ding-dong and therefore the other man is gay.

So guys, no matter how much you deny the semi-disguised truth, it is obvious. So do not be pompous that you snag yourself a tranny friend. In fact, an uncomfortable but respect for he-she than you because they have the balls (pun unintended) to show to all who they really are.


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