The Real Jabba The Hut (Star Wars)

I read an article from Straits Times today via twitter (@stcom)

that is so revolting!
How can he sit and not move around for TWO years?! I can barely survive a day without needing going to the toilet and lo and behold, he does not! He pee and poops right there. OMFG!
He even had maggots on his butt!!

You know what is the clincher? He has a girlfriend who comes over to give him food! There are guys who are way cleaner than him can barely get a decent date and this guy has a girlfriend. Not only that, he has a roommate.

After I cringed in horror for 5 minutes, I realized something. I strongly believe that he is actually
Jabba the Hut from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.

Princess Leia as his slave girlfriend and his right hand man is his roommate.

Oh the resemblance.. It is so uncanny. It HAS to be true!



  1. wakakakaka!! i just saw ur this post.

    i know we've talked abt it but ur imagination abt e jedi thing is really2 funny. lolololol!!