Irfan Anaqi’s Cukur Rambut

“Cukur Rambut” is a malay traditional way of rite of passage for babies. Depending on the parent’s budget, the ceremony could be simple (in house) or very grand where they would go all out with decorations and stage just for the baby.

A group of men will carry out a “Marhaban” where they recite prayers throughout the ceremony for the baby even as the trimming of the hair commences.

13 March 2011 was the date for Irfan’s ceremony which was held at my BIL’s parent’s house in Woodlands.

Irfan in his traditional outfit, “jubah” and “kopiah” as the ceremony had officially started. All is missing was prayer beads. =P

With his mommy who finds Irfan so cute in photos that she kept hogging and giggling at the camera and showing off to everyone. Hehehe

I love it that they look so complete in this picture.

And then time for Irfan’s first haircut. Irfan was doing great throughout, he didn’t cry or squirmed. He just gripped his grandfather’s shirt, looked around and listened to the thunderous but melodic prayers booming for him.

Snip-snip and he is done while the “Marhaban” continues.
Door gift for guests and bowl of water with Irfan’s hair trimmings.

After 3 hours, the ceremony ended and it’s time for guests to eat. Initially I thought, it would end there and then but turned out there were MANY late comers but Fizah told me is was normal. They just came to see the baby, not the actual event. =/

We spent the entire day there, exhausted especially mom but I think it was a nice and humble ceremony.

Post Note: Almost EVERYONE could not figure out that my sis is Irfan’s mother or Abg Awil’s wife. I don’t know it is a good thing or not. I mean, how does Abg Awil’s wife suppose to look like? Perhaps she should’ve worn a name tag or something. Tee hee!


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