Stumbled Like A Giraffe On Ice

I bet I pretty much look like the giraffe in the picture. I sprained my right foot and failed while trying to stabilize myself with my left leg.

Struggling with left, right, left, right, left, right foot, ungracefully and at a semi-crowded coffee shop.

At least I didn’t fall down but I left the area with a hurt ankle and ego.

As soon as I reached home, I took a shower, applied ointment on my right ankle and strapped on my ankle support.

Unfortunately, the next day, my left ankle started to hurt too. Imagine trying to walk on 2 sprained ankles. Not fun at all.

On a better note, at least it is not swollen. I suppose it is just the nerves.

And no, I was not wearing heels. I am the kind of person who can sprain my ankle while barefooted.

Uhuh =(


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