The Singapore Haze Craze

Anyone who is affected by the Indonesian haze, please sit down. Not stand up because you are probably suffering from it and need to rest. Geddit? Geddit? sigh.

Every year, man and it seems to get worse too.

Indonesia, Y U do dis?

I stay indoors most of the time and I still get affected. Feeding the (feral) cats was 'interesting' too. I was glad we wore masks on the night this picture was taken because from 8pm, the PSI was at 223 and above!

Unfortunately, the mask didn't worked (I should've worn the N95 mask. I didn't because was not not that hazy at first) because as soon as I got home and after my shower, I got the sniffles. Speaking of which, have any of you used toner to clean your face? I only went out for 1-2 hours and my cotton pad was dirty!

The next whole day, I had constant runny nose and later, cough.

As I am typing this, my flu is gone but I got my whopping coughs again; back with a vengeance. Luckily, the constant heavy rains for the past few days helped tone down the haze.

Whether the rain was an act of God/ nature or act of Science (rumors of cloud seeding), I am still grateful. Now, I just need to get rid of my coughs.


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