Wedding Review: Berkat (Chia Heng Dept. Store)

Read the day we surveyed and booked our berkat here.

It actually slipped my mind that our wedding favors should be delivered exactly 1 month before our wedding but that was not the problem. The problem was that no one had call us at least 1 day before hand to confirm the time of arrival.

On the 23rd, I had 2 missed calls at 3:15pm and a SMS about a delivery. I called back and it turned out to be the delivery guy. He sounded like a typical angsty uncle and told me that he can't deliver anymore because I didn't answer. =(

In my defense, my handphone was in my room while I was in the living room tending to my nephew AND I was just 15 minutes late. The problem was, how come I didn't get a heads up on the delivery time? It's like the opportunity was there and then. They had to push the delivery date to the next day and even then they can't confirm a time for us.

The next day, they called 1 hour in advance so at least I was prepared. So take note, just be prepared on the date you had informed them to deliver.

Despite of the kecoh, we were happy with the delivery and items.

This maybe does not really matter but I really appreciate that the strings have these at the ends. It's better than a knot because it's more secure.
The berkat comes with a box carrier so we don't have to buy bags whatsoever. Unfortunately although not suprisingly, the bowls were dirty so we had to wash them to make them look new, shiny and presentable. While washing, we broke 1 and chipped 1. hur hur

The design I initially chose was a design without the legs but Mak wanted this design. Since she willing to pay the difference, okay lor! Actually, I am secretly very happy with this design. #makcik


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