Affordable Malay Wedding Decor Vendors

Affordable decor in my book is a starting price nothing more than $4,000.
I am aware there are probably more vendors with affordable packages but these are the ones I came across with as I was researching for my own wedding. Feel free to share vendors that I missed out.

Please note that I am just sharing my findings because when I started my wedding planning, I wish there is a list of affordable vendors available online for ease of research even for just reference. Sakit hati you know, falling in love with a decor company only to know their minimum is about $6,000.

In alphabetically order, here are the vendors.

AJ City Weddings
[Main facebook, Owner facebook (more updated)]

If you like my cousin's deco, then you liked AJ City Weddings.

They are very open to themed weddings to your wildest imaginations. I am not kidding, there is actually a Madagascar themed wedding eh. You guys search for yourself.

They are somewhat vague in their packages in their email but they said it's $3,000 and above depending on number of guest, vendor and design requested.

Daffiss Creation Services

I would say pretty nice, especially the top left photo. It's a relatively new company started in 2014 so I can't say much about it's reputation.

Starting from $3,000.They also do full packages with food, DJ, Wedding cake, Wedding favours, Sireh Dara and the whole works.

ISS Wedding Designs

They do themed, they do simple and from the packages they sent me, they also provide candy corner. I would say their works is effortless. Not over the top, not too simple (unless requested).

Starting from $2,888. They also do catering

Mutiara by LBG

Under Lyanaz Bridal Gallery, they recently open a decor company. Some their works are slightly similar to another company but their rustic designs (if you are into it) are pretty good.

Starting from $2,450. If you like their bridal and decor, you can 'bedal' both.

Q'yraDesign Wedd

They are buddy-buddy with ISS Wedding Designs and I don't know what is their relations to each other. But I think it does not matter, all matters is their workmanship and I gotta to say... it's good. Attention to detail is always a plus point.

Starting price from $2,200. They have personalized balloon, photobooths and mini dais.

Wed'Inc Petals
[facebook] [Instagram - #wedincpetals]

If you read my previous post, you would know that Jhon and I eventually booked Wed'Inc Petals. I don't know lah, although all the other decors are beautiful, I still fall back to them. Their decor screams our taste I guess.

I love it that they have videos of the decor so you can have a 'feel' of the entire place they handled.

Marsiling Blues...

Purple & Gold by Wed'Inc
Posted by Wed'Inc Petals on Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Starting from $2,600. They also do bridal, catering and photography packages.

So that's about it. Decor vendors that I came across that I deemed affordable. If you know anymore, please share!


  1. Good article shared,.Thanks for sharing about cheap wedding plan,

  2. Yeah dear, the choice of wedding locations involves important considerations like what you want and knowing your financial statement. Always acquire venues which go well with your budgets and necessities, just like I did by hiring venue NYC.

  3. Hi. I chanced upon your blog and got hooked on your wedding post. For someone who is getting married (a non-malay at that too), I can totally relate. Very useful information and I'm glad I saw this!

    1. Hi Siti, thank you so much for your compliments! Congratulations to you and your future husband and I'm glad you enjoyed reading my blog. It gives me motivation to write more. hehe

  4. Wooo nice article for future B&G and i can see u featured my dusty pink dias from Wed'inc petals... Loved their work too and the person in charge is down to earth.

    1. Hi Atikah, thank you for your compliments. We love your dusty pink decor too, to a point my fiance considered having it. hehe
      And I agree, Kak Adriana is humble and nice. =)

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