Jhon is cheating on me...

... with me?

The nerve of some people!

Okay, the story started when probably a month ago. Jhon and I were at Bedok and he saw a colleague, a purchasing officer. She was with her family so we were introduced etc. Hi, hello, bla bla. For those who don't know, Jhon and I used to work in the same office for 6 years and this lady was new to the office. It was the first time she met me.  It was also the first time  for me hearing Jhon introduced me as his fiance.

Fast forward, to late last week, 1 of Jhon's pare who was also in the purchasing team happen to see him in the pantry and she was all like "ah.. Jhon... Actually, I have something to ask you... but never mind lah, I ask you some other time" -_-

Well, she today she finally talked to Jhon.

Apparently, this new purchasing lady told to another colleague that she saw Jhon at Bedok with his fiance. This person knows of me but like most office poisonous gossip bitches, would like to think they know me. She asked how I looked like wondering if it was me or new lady. Well, this new colleague should never take part in a witness trial because she described me as short with short hair.

Firstly, I had my hair cut since I left work and had my hair tied on that day but hair is up to bra strap length. Secondly, next to Jhon, of course I look short with my slippers but still standing 1.68m tall.

Upon believing it was not me but another person, (God knows if they thought Jhon had broke up with me or had an affair) This freaking bitch excitedly shared this to everyone in the office who knew me. 

Like seriously?

How low can you be to be excited upon someone's (at your point of view) bad news? And to excitedly share it to the entire office? Really?


So to all the gossip bitches whose life's evolves around people's short comings, where true or not, I have created a special gif made from the middle finger FU meme.



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